N.C. brutal truth: ‘Criminals…hold onto their guns!’

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Mark Keith Robinson, speaking to Greensboro, N.C. City Council. (Screen shot, YouTube)

Buried in the fiery remarks delivered by Greensboro, N.C. resident Mark Keith Robinson to that city’s council earlier this week is an uncomfortable truth that should cause liberal, anti-gun municipal leaders across the map to cringe.

Robinson, the burly Second Amendment defender who reportedly does not even own a firearm, tore into the Greensboro City Council during a public meeting that included a discussion on whether to cancel the annual gun and knife show at the Greensboro Coliseum in response to the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

“You can take the guns from us all you want to,” Robinson warned. “You can write a law, I’ll follow the law, I’ll bring my guns down here, I’ll turn ‘em in.

“But here’s what’s gonna happen,” he continued. “The Crips and the Bloods on the other side of town, they’re not gonna turn their guns in. They’re gonna hold on to ‘em. What’s gonna happen when you have to send the police down there to go take ‘em? The police can barely enforce the law as it is.”

It’s the proverbial “dirty little secret” that gun prohibitionists are loathe to acknowledge. Criminals do not obey gun laws, same as they don’t follow any other law.

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And there was something else in his remarks that evidently summed up the sentiments of many people now spreading video of Robinson’s remarks across cyberspace:

“We demonize the police, criminalize and vilify the police and we make the criminals into victims.”—Mark Keith Robinson

His observation perhaps encapsulates one of the greatest logic failures of the political left. On one hand, liberals argue that only the police should have guns. That holds steady right up to the point where police have to use their guns.

Robinson has appeared at least twice on Fox News programs in the aftermath of his brief but impassioned speech, which lasted just over four minutes. It was delivered like a lecture, which many in the gun rights community —based on their reaction in social media — believe the council had coming.

CFL has reached out to Robinson, but so far there has been no response.

CFL’s Joe Newby weighed in here with a sampling of the reaction to Robinson’s remarks.


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