Muslims Protest Great Britain’s Plan to Monitor Radical Islamists

davidcameronGreat Britain has decided it’s time to crack down on radical Islam.  Last year, Great Britain arrested a record number of people on terrorism offenses and have stopped numerous planned attacks.  With the increased number of British youths being indoctrinated on the Internet in sometimes two weeks or less, the need to grab them early has become of prime interest to British authorities.  Not surprisingly, the “peaceful Muslims” are protesting.

From Reuters:

Under the wide-ranging proposals, groups deemed extremist by promoting hatred will be banned; places where radicals thrive including mosques could be closed and the regulator Ofcom will get tougher powers to address TV and radio channels airing extremist material.

The new law would also give parents worried that their 16 and 17-year-old children might travel to join Islamic State the power to apply to have their passports removed, while anyone with a conviction for terrorist offences or extremist activity would be banned from working with children.

The plans are designed to target all hate groups, including far-right organizations, but they were met with immediate opposition from Islamic groups who variously described it as “war on Muslims” or containing “McCarthyist” undertones.

British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote on his Facebook page:

“Subversive, well-organized and sophisticated in their methods, Islamist extremists don’t just threaten our security, they jeopardize all that we’ve built together – our successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy.”

“So we have to confront them wherever we find them.”

This proposal sounds like what we need here.  While radical Imams are spewing hatred for this country, authorities put on their little girl panties and promptly wet them, declaring that law enforcement cannot monitor these radical mosques and any reasonable attempt to ensure the safety of Americans are met with charges of racism.  Personally, I believe the unsubstantiated charge of racism is the dying breath of an extremely weak mind.

Now the Muslims are whining.  Let them whine.


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