Muslims Beat Christian Student to Death While Teacher Reads Newspaper

A Christian student who made the terrible mistake of drinking from a water supply that the Muslim students had declared solely for their use has paid for that mistake with his life.  For his punishment the Muslim students ganged up on him and beat him to death, while the teacher sat just feet away reading the newspaper.  The teacher later said he could not see or hear the fight because he was too busy reading the paper.

According to Breitbart:

Sharoon Masih, described as “an incredibly bright student from an impoverished Christian family” by the British Pakistani Christian Association, was targeted from his first day at the school, where he was the only Christian in his year.

Classmates isolated Sharoon, telling him: “You’re a Christian, don’t dare sit with us if you want to live,” according to Christian Today.

They also attempted to convert him, slapped him, and verbally abused him as a ‘chura’ — a pejorative term for Christian — and refused to let him use a common drinking water cooler.

This is how these things tend to work.  When Muslims move into a country as a small minority, they insist that that country change for them but if Christians were to move into a predominantly Muslim country, they are expected to convert or die.  Mostly, they die.

The teacher, identified as Nazir Mol, at first claimed the attack happened between classes with no teacher present.  But it was later proven that he was there but had turned a blind eye as the Christian youth was bludgeoned to death.  He has been dismissed from his job.

The boy’s mother stated:

“My son was a kind-hearted, hard-working and affable boy. He has always been loved by teachers and pupils alike and shared great sorrow that he was being targeted by students at his new school because of his faith.,” said Sharoon’s mother Razia Bibi.

“Sharoon and I cried every night as he described the daily torture he was subjected to. He only shared details about the violence he was facing. He did not want to upset his father because he had such a caring heart for others.”

‘The evil boys that hated my child are now refusing to reveal who else was involved in his murder. Nevertheless one day God will have his judgment.”

British Pakistani Christian Association chairman Wilson Chowdhry added:

“This killing of a young Christian teenager at school serves only to remind us that hatred towards religious minorities is bred into the majority population at a young age, through cultural norms and a biased national curriculum.”

“This devastated family will have to cope with the immense emotional pain of a totally avoidable incident. It is a poor indictment of MC Model Boys Government High School that a Christian could be targeted in this fashion.”

“However by no means is such treatment an anomaly – it is an expectation that Christians will face abuse and violence during their years in the educational system.”


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