Muslim Mum Prostitutes Daughter to Finance Mecca Trip

Muslim child forced into sexual slavery. (Photo: Bing free usage.)
Muslim child forced into sexual slavery. (Photo: Bing free usage.)

According to Western liberal standards, if Christian parents should happen to expect their child to attend church services with them every Sunday, the same liberals usually condemn those same Christian parents as dictatorial and repressive. Yet the same liberal faux-outrage is usually muted when it comes to cultural Islam truly oppressing and abusing Muslim girls.

Case in point very well could be the arrest of a Pakistani mother accused of selling her daughter to the highest bidder in order to finance the extended family’s expenses on the once-per-lifetime hajj to Mecca.

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Dubai police have been investigating claims that a Pakistani woman forced her 16-year-old daughter into prostitution to finance her family’s travel expenses for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

The victim, who is now residing in a trafficking shelter, told police she was asked by her parents to travel to the UAE and upon arrival realized the job she was promised in “a beauty parlor” was in fact prostitution.

She said she eventually acceded to her mother’s request, done at the behest of her father, “out of fear and in order to finance her grandparents’ pilgrimage and medical expenses.”

The suspect, the victim’s mother, admitted to the charges. She said she arrived in the UAE six months prior to work as a housekeeper, and that she borrowed money from a local man she was unable to pay back. To pay off the debt, he suggested that he have sex with the debtor’s daughter, which he did along with a friend. The suspect said she later suggested a similar deal to other men.

The woman and her husband were charged with trafficking by the Dubai Criminal Court.


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