Muslim attempts to interfere with Traditional Catholics praying, pays the price

The Spirit of Urban II in present day Catholics. Photo: Youtube.
The Spirit of Urban II in present day Catholics. Photo: Youtube.

From the Facebook page of the patriotic French Catholics of Reconquête Française (Reconquest of France), the above translated from French, Greek and Latin:

Lord have mercy, have mercy upon us.
One for all, all for God.
Do not let our religion be exterminated,
Join Us.

While members of Reconquête Française posted the video (below) to their Facebook page, it was actually the group Les Soldats Du Christ (The Soldiers of Christ) who initially uploaded the clip to social media.

Since the disastrous effects of the Second Vatican Council, there has been a slow but sure psychological emasculation of the Establishment Catholic Church. But there are still some who believe that certain things are worth fighting for.

As seen, a group of Catholics are praying the Rosary across the street from Sainte Rita’s church in Paris. Scheduled for demolition to make room for a housing project, the group made a choice to prayerfully and publicly demonstrate in an attempt to stop the church from being torn down.

With the knowledge in the back of many Europeans heads that an Islamist attack could happen at any moment, three of the group could be seen looking to their left at least once during the video.

Possibly recalling that British soldier Lee Rigby of the Royal Fusiliers was initially attacked from behind by two Islamic jihadists who then beheaded the stunned soldier on the streets of London, one of those in the back row was obviously distracted a number of times by someone or something off camera to his left.

Very quickly, the individual causing the distraction found out that there are still some Catholics who retain the Crusader spirit first stoked by Blessed Pope Urban II centuries ago.

Translated, the group’s explanation of the incident;

Someone behaved badly, was drunk, and playing music on his mobile phone. We had previously been warned that he would not listen to the voice of reason.

A Soldier Of Christ chastised him for his rudeness.

As Soldiers Of Christ we aim to:

  • Save our country and our faith not as fragile and weak Catholics, but by solidly standing on our own two feet.
  • Our wish since the time of our ancestors has called us to take up the sword and not to advocate peace.
  • To defend our churches and faith.
  • One for all, all for God.

However, ex-jihadi terrorist who since converted to Catholicism, pro-Christian author, lecturer and blogger Walid Shoebat has stated that first reports of the incident said;

This video first surfaced online through Reconquête Française, a Catholic movement dedicated to reconquering secular France for Christ. It first was reported as being a Muslim. Some sources have said the man was an alcoholic. It is possible too that he may have been both (a lot of Muslims in Europe are heavy drinkers). Either way, this video is how to deal with Islam, the proper way:

Not exactly known as being fair or objective with Christians or conservatives, the British press referred to the Catholic group as “Catholic fundamentalists.”

London’s The Mirror went on to cite;

The move has already sparked violent scenes when riot police armed with batons and helmets stormed the church to break up a protest against the demolition on August 2.

Police were seen dragging a priest in ceremonial dress outside the church and forcibly removed a congregation of 20.

Responding to the video on YouTube, Neil Chapman said: “There was obviously more to this than the few seconds we have seen here.

“I’m guessing the black guy had antagonised the group in some way and got a smack down.”


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