Germany: Too much sympathy for the pig, political party yanks Islam-pig poster

Germany, the land where pork is king. Pork sausage, ham hocks, pork chops, bacon in all its varied glories, ham steaks, pork and liver würste. You name it.

Even a mouthwatering something called Speck Plätzchen: German cookies made with bacon bits and caramelized onions. Or as drooling Homer J. would say, “Speck Plätzchen, arghh…”

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Just when you thought that nary a person in Germany would ever pull the plug on a porker, the unthinkable happened.

As reported by the Associated Press via the South China Morning Press, the pro-German, anti-illegal immigration political party Alternative for Germany (AdF: Alternative für Deutschland) has just retracted a political poster of a cutesy little pink piglet on the lower half, “Islam? Doesn’t fit with our cuisine” written above the future breakfast food.

Faster than you can say “Holen Sie sich die Scheiße heidnischen aus meinem geliebten Land,” many were accusing AdF of caving to the dark forces of political correctness.

In actuality, that’s not even close to the real reason.

As reported;

A leader of Germany’s anti-immigrant AfD party has retracted campaign posters with the slogan “Islam? Doesn’t fit with our cuisine” written above a piglet – because it inspires too much sympathy for the pig, instead of the party’s idea of German culture.

Alexander Gauland, one of the nationalist Alternative for Germany’s main candidates in the September 24 election, says the poster is “unusable.”

The Bild newspaper quoted Gauland saying Sunday, “I’m concerned children will say: ‘What? They want to slaughter this pig?’”

He added: “The poster campaigns for the piglet, not against Islam, so away with it.”

AfD is, however, sticking with other anti-Islam posters, including one with two women in bathing suits and the slogan “Burkas? We like bikinis.”

As cited on the AfD website, the political organization notes that in light of the disproportionate percentage of violent so-called “migrants” residing in way too many of the jails in Germany;

  • Facilitation of expulsion, in particular the reintroduction of compulsory expulsion, even in the case of minor criminality
  • Imposition of expulsion already by the criminal courts
  • Enabling non-deportable criminals to be accommodated abroad by means of bilateral agreements with appropriate states.
  • The naturalization of criminals can be prevented reliably by:
  • Abolition of the enforceable right to naturalization
  • Strengthening the exclusion grounds for naturalization in the case of criminality.
  • A withdrawal of naturalization (ie expatriation) is to take place in the following cases:
  • In cases of serious criminality within ten years after naturalization
  • In cooperation with terrorist organizations (eg IS)
  • When belonging to criminal clans, even if the withdrawal of naturalization leads to statelessness.

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