MSNBC’s Joy Reid doubles down on hating rural America, calls ‘Trumpism’ a ‘doomsday cult’ of idiots

As we reported earlier this week, MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid falsely claimed that rural Americans are “the core threat to our democracy.”  But she wasn’t finished trashing those who disagree with her and live in “flyover” country.  On Tuesday, she issued another tweet essentially calling Trump supporters stupid hicks who have been hoodwinked by the president.

“They’re laughing at you, MAGAs. They literally went to Washington to personally enrich themselves while dismantling every part of govt that helps you, and Trump gets you to wave your pitchforks and back them while they rob you,” she said.

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Her tweet was in response to this from the far-left “Citizens for Ethics,” who claimed that only Trump and his wealthy associates will benefit from the GOP tax plan:

She wasn’t finished trashing Trump supporters, however, responding to herself:

She went on to cite former CNN hack Reza Aslan and called Trump supporters part of a “doomsday cult.”

Aslan, by the way, is the former CNN propagandist who called Trump a “piece of s**t” for correctly identifying a terrorist attack before being told to by the liberal media.

She continued to agree with her liberal supporters, repeatedly agreeing with those who insulted Trump supporters as brain-dead morons.

Consider this exchange, for example:

Reid responded directly to this, saying:

Calling Reid a “condescending harpy” to those who simply want to — as the slogan goes — Make America Great Again, Twitchy said:

Who does she think she is? No Joy. We’re laughing at YOU, at how self-important and smug you are …

Shaking your head at people like you’re somehow superior to them?


One person told Reid:

Twitchy added:

It’s ironic, right? Joy is trying desperately to pretend Trump and his supporters are the haters (the pitchfork comment is so dumb), but reading her tweets, it’s clear who the real hater is.

Someone needs to hand her a mirror so she can take a good, long look at herself.

Not that it would do much good, however.

As we’ve said time and again, liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Unfortunately, smug, condescending leftists like Reid prove that on a daily basis.

And make no mistake — liberals like Reid absolutely hate anyone who might have a different opinion.  So much so that some would love nothing more than to see Trump supporters dead — like actor Michael Shannon.

Imagine, for a moment, if the roles were reversed and a prominent conservative talking head said something like this.  Leftists like Reid would demand that conservative be silenced forever.

What Reid and others like her don’t understand is that we conservatives don’t want her silenced.  Far from it — we want to hear more from her, because every time she opens her mouth or places fingers on a keyboard, she proves just how far gone the Borg-like collective known as the modern left is.

And as a bonus, she simply drives more voters into Trump’s camp.


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