MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compares McCarthy news to overflowing toilets

1024px-Chris_MatthewsAs our own Steven Ahle reported earlier, Kevin McCarthy announced he has dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House.

Naturally, that caused MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to explode with a line comparing the news to overflowing toilets…

Twitchy reported:

So crazy, guys! As Twitchy readers know, McCarthy dropped his bid for Speaker of the House and Luke Russert was apparently the hardest hit. Russert also took to Twitter with his breathless reaction

Here’s some of Russert’s reactions:

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He later tweeted Matthews’ response:

Say what?

You did…

Good point.  It’s to be expected, though.  Things like this are the reason I called MSNBC the official network of insane liberal hate


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