MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: McRINO a hero, conservatives wanting border security shameful

mcsnarlAccording to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, John “McRINO” McCain is a “hero” for pushing amnesty and voting to destroy America, but conservatives who want border security are shameful.

Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein provided a transcript of her comments on “Morning Joe.”

“Here you’ve got the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, the agriculture community, evangelicals, Catholics, clergymen all across the country, and they are not listening, because in their districts it does not pay any benefit. There is no cost to voting against immigration.  And the piecemeal approach is basically saying, let’s throw a lot of money at border security.  John McCain has pointed out—and he’s been heroic on this issue—he has pointed out that it is a total waste of money what they did in the Senate, but it is political cover. But to do border security and nothing else: these fiscal conservatives ought to be ashamed,” she said.

Got that?

Amnesty for illegal immigrants and voting to destroy America is heroic, but wanting border security is shameful.  This is what passes for “thought” on the left.

By the way, we’re supposed to believe this partisan hack is an unbiased journalist.  If you believe that, I have prime beachfront property on the Moon for sale — cheap…

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:


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