MSNBC hack Andrea Mitchell suggests FBI investigate Kavanaugh for being ‘rude’ to Democrats

The anti-Kavanaugh insanity from the left went into overdrive on Tuesday when MSNBC propagandist Andrea Mitchell actually suggested the FBI investigate Judge Brett Kavanaugh for being “rude” to Senate Judiciary Democrats, Newsbusters reported.

After teeing up Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., to bash Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kyle Drennen wrote, “Mitchell decried the supposed limited scope of the FBI inquiry into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh:

We were just talking to Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI officer, a top-ranking officer, and he says that his sources who are very good sources in the Bureau, tell him that they are still pretty much handcuffed. That, yes, more witnesses, follow-up witnesses can be interviewed, but the issues are only the initial allegations of Dr. Ford of the sexual attack, not lying, not drinking, not whether he was rude or showed belligerence to senators such as yourself. Is that the parameter of this follow-up investigation, and is that all that will be considered before you go to a vote?

“Yes, that’s right,” Drennen said, “in Andrea Mitchell’s mind, it is now a crime to be ‘rude’ to Democrats.”

“When we talk about him either misstating facts or claiming ignorance or lying to the committee, not to level of perjury, we’re not talking about a legal standard of proof here, we’re talking about character, about honesty, and about being an officer of the court at the very highest level,” Mitchell further said in a follow-up, making the assumption that Kavanaugh lied to the committee.

So what’s Mitchell’s “proof” that Kavanaugh was “rude” to Democrats working to smear him?

Drennen tells us:

…Mitchell played a clip of the Judge’s contentious exchange with Leahy during the hearing. What the footage actually showed was Leahy constantly interrupting and mocking Kavanaugh as the nominee attempted to answer questions about his behavior as a high school student.

Rather than question the Democratic politician about his own conduct, Mitchell instead quoted Arizona Senator Jeff Flake criticizing Kavanaugh for being too “sharp and partisan.” After reading the quote, Mitchell didn’t even bother to ask Leahy a question, she just let him pile on. Knowing his MSNBC audience, the Senator referenced a nasty Saturday Night Live skit ridiculing Kavanaugh:

You know, I watched – actually I watched it the next day, but the Saturday Night Live skit with Matt Damon. Unfortunately, that was too the accurate of what Judge Kavanaugh was like. I’ve never seen a judicial nominee like this, it does not reflect a judicial temperament.

Drennen concluded: “Not only is Kavanaugh automatically guilty in the eyes of the liberal media, they actually think he should be investigated simply for defending himself against Democratic Party smears.”

This, by the way, is the modern left.

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Here’s video of the exchange, courtesy of MRC:


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