MSNBC guest: Criticizing FBI a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’

On Monday, MSNBC guest and Sirius XM radio host Mark Thompson claimed that criticizing the FBI and law enforcement constitutes a “high crime and misdemeanor,” the Daily Caller reported.

“And the other thing, just to draw together, this whole thing with the NRA. The NRA and Trump are attacking local law enforcement. The White House is attacking the FBI,” he said during Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s Live With Stephanie Ruhle. “We’ve never seen anything like this coming from Republicans.”

This, Thompson claimed, could be seditious and warrant an arrest by none other than Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“And as I’ve said on your show before, to me that’s seditious, which in and of itself is a high crime and misdemeanor,” he added. “If I were Mueller, I would go and pick him up today.”

Can you say, “police state?”  That’s exactly what Thompson is describing and apparently advocating.

The Daily Caller added:

Thompson’s fellow guest, CNBC contributor Ron Isana, tried to distance himself from Thompson’s comments, arguing, “that’s a big if.”

“It seems Mueller is — well, while obviously investigating collusion. Mueller, while he’s investigating collusion, he’s also focusing on money laundering. He’s focusing on other aspects that may bring this to a different end than we may think,” Thompson explained.

Writing at Newsbusters, Bill D’Agostino noted:

Thompson’s assessment of what constitutes sedition in a legal sense is patently absurd. The media have made a habit of clutching their pearls when Trump supporters question the validity of the FBI’s FISA memo against Carter Page. But to lump them in with anyone who would dare point out local law enforcement’s admittedly weak response to the Parkland school shooting, and to then suggest that such individuals be “picked up” on sedition charges, is nothing short of authoritarian insanity.

“Fortunately, Thompson does not have the power to arrest anyone,” he added.

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