MSNBC activist Al Sharpton discusses race war in U.S. after Zimmerman verdict

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Al_SharptonEven on the best of days, it’s hard to tell what MSNBC activist Al Sharpton is saying and today was no exception.

If I’m reading this right, it looks like “Resist We Much” Sharpton is saying whites have the capacity to kill and get away with it.  Or something.

Weasel Zippers posted the transcript, courtesy of Radio Equalizer.

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“To get just angry and get revenge might relive some of your feelings, but doesn’t change anything. And it doesn’t stop the risk cause it will; one you kill and then you pursued to go to jail. Then they’re going to be revenge and kill two or three more of us because they know the law is imbalanced and they got better shot of getting away. There’s some in this country who would like nothing better than to start seeing killing on both sides because they had the capacity to out kill and not have to pay for it. And we can romanticize all we want if we do so and so they’re going to stop. Look at history that is not what happened. Anytime there is a revolt they come in with all kinds of stuff and wipe people out.”

Video below:

I’m convinced these people really do want another civil war in this country.


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