Morally-superior anti-white bigotry at the liberal Huffington Post

Huffington Post bigotry
Just one of several condescending articles at the Huffington Post. Screengrab: Huffington Post

Let me see if I have this right. One reason why President Trump won the election was not because voters rejected Democrats but because of economic decline that was decades in the making where immigrants and people of color were to blame for displacing white people. Trump exploited these fears with hatred which is exactly how fascist come to power — at least that seems to be the liberal narrative.

So President Trump is going to make America great again which means back to the days of segregation, or better yet, slavery, because liberals tell us that subjugating people is what white people are all about.

This is the theme that runs through a collection of articles in the Huffington Post with their ‘Black Lives Matter’ feature section dedicated to Black History month.

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One such article: Befriending Becky: On The Imperative Of Intersectional Solidarity by Didi Delgado, opens wonderfully with, “I don’t like white women,” and then goes on to say:

I don’t like white women because I’m not particularly fond of the construct of whiteness or what it represents. I also don’t appreciate those who are complicit in my oppression and benefit from it. When I say I don’t like white women, it’s not in reference to any specific white woman (aside from maybe Taylor Swift). It’s a declaration that white women pose a very real threat to my existence, and I don’t have to embrace that threat with open arms.

Delgado gets a pass for bigotry because she’s a victim and a liberal. White women are complicit in her “oppression” and so she feels threatened and don’t get her started on Taylor Swift.

But let’s face it, Delgado doesn’t know the first thing about oppression and diminishes the experience of anyone who has lived through it. She doesn’t even write about her so-called oppression even though you’d think it would be the first thing on her mind. Instead we get to hear her grumblings on “Becky” which, if you don’t know, is a pejorative for white women:

There exists a space between the oft chanted chorus “silence is violence!” and the realization that when we advocate for other people we usually have no idea what we’re talking about. Navigating that space can be difficult, but it’s vital to achieving universal liberation. The fact so many white women continue to evade this space is why Black women like me are under the impression they aren’t all too concerned with our liberation.

Before white women were a threat to her “existence.” Now we find they’re evading a space where they don’t belong, I think, and as such are unconcerned about her liberation. Liberation from what? From whom? Who’s oppressing her now?

Sorry, I won’t play along with this incomprehensible nonsense which is just a vehicle to vent bigotry. She doesn’t like white people, period, and justifies it through fake oppression.

Another article Dear White, Christian Trump Supporters: We need to talk, by Susan M. Shaw, devotes a paragraph to demonstrate how incredibly smart she is:

We read and argued and wrote and rewrote. We got peer-reviewed, over and over and over. Our ideas are held to incredibly high, rigorous standards, and so, when we speak we do so carefully, thoughtfully, with nuance, and with openness ― because sometimes we are also wrong. But because we’ve studied hard and held ourselves up to professional standards, we really do know a lot about what we’re talking about, and we have something to offer in a real conversation across our differences (including the East Coast Ivy Leaguers who aren’t as out of touch as you may think). But I don’t think you want to hear us or me.

What is Suzy so rigorously smart about that we have to hear from her even though we don’t want to? Well she happens to be a professor of “women, gender, & sexuality studies” at Oregon State University. So there! She knows what she’s talking about, buddy! And what is she talking about? She’s tired of Trump supporters telling her to “get over” the fact that he won. She then runs off the standard list of Trump-is-awful grievances before she veers back to her own smug self-absorption:

Despite having moved into the middle class, I have spent my career teaching about and advocating for labor unions, a living wage, affordable childcare, social security, affordable healthcare, accessible higher education.

She cares about those things “despite” having more money than the little people. Usually that’s not the case, but not with her, she’s still Suzy on the block.

Her lecture continues:

You have a right to be aggrieved, but I fear you are targeting the wrong people. Low paying jobs, job insecurity, companies moving work overseas, low benefits, little vacation ― these are the results of decades of policies that benefit the truly wealthy

No, people who are “aggrieved” don’t blame other people, they blame Democrats. And no, they don’t buy the excuse that the weak economy is a result of “policies” that span “decades,” just the ones during the last eight years that they don’t want to see repeated. But then again that’s me. I don’t know much about gender so I’m not an expert.

She goes on to teach the rabble about their Christianity and how it is not on the same page with Trumpism. Jesus would never build a wall since he was a migrant kind of guy himself, etc. You know, stuff only a rigorous intellectual would be smart enough to say and leave us so dumbfounded that we won’t ever venture into real world thinking again.

There is a list of “related” articles and you can pretty much tell who the bad people are: “Dear White People, Let’s Talk About Combating Racism” that is to say, white racism, not anyone else’s; “Dear White Feminists: Your Good Intentions Don’t Matter”; let me guess, it don’t matter because you’re white? And then there’s “A Letter to my Christian Friends about No Ban, No Wall.” It isn’t hard to imagine what’s in these articles. Heck, I could even write them and with enough progressive-speak malarkey I could get away with it and maybe even win a prize.


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