Monty Python’s Eric Idle: Climate change skeptics should be executed ‘humanely’

Eric Idle
Eric Idle — YouTube

If you disagree with liberal dogma on climate change and global warming, then you’re guilty of a crime against humanity and should be executed, according to Monthy Python’s Eric Idle.  But, he added, skeptics, or “deniers” as they are called in the religion of environmentalism, should be “humanely” killed.

One person asked:

As though questioning the notion of man-made climate change, or global warming, is “stupid” and/or “ignorant.”

Idle responded:

So that should take the sting out of his desire to see people with whom he disagrees killed.  Right?

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Yes, he is.  So much for freedom of thought…


As more than one person noted, no one denies that climate changes over time.  In fact, the Earth’s climate has changed several times over the years — Google “Ice Age.”

But to suggest that people should be killed for disagreeing with left-wing orthodoxy?  That sounds more like the Inquisition. Or worse.

Sadly, this is what the left has turned into.

Wonder if Bill Nye, the alleged “Science Guy” agrees with the idea of executing people with different ideas on the subject of global warming?

Writing at Breitbart, James Delingpole noted:

What’s sadder, though, perhaps is that from now on every time we watch the final scene of Monty Python’s Life of Brian and the bit where Eric Idle says from the cross “Cheer up Brian…”, before launching into “Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life”, we won’t be able to laugh any more.

All we’ll be able to think of is a washed-up ex-comedy hero, formerly the darling of the anti-Establishment but now just another rent-a-stupid-opinion celeb, regurgitating on his Twitter feed the half-baked, ill-informed, junk-science green propaganda he has apparently picked up from falling under the spell of another Brian. The crap Brian. Aka the pouty-lipped, perma-smiley, supremely overrated, celebrity pop star physicist Brian Cox.

Scratch a liberal, find a bloodthirsty fascist.


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