Monday Morning in Seattle’s CHOP – 1 Dead, 1 Critical

Monday Morning in Seattle’s CHOP has shown yet another fatal shooting. One man dead, one critical. Seattle EMTs staged near the “border” to the zone took one man to Harborview Medical Center where he died. A private vehicle took the other man, who is in critical condition. It happened at around  3 a.m. at 12th street and Pike, approximately two blocks from Cal Anderson Park. (Fox) (KIRO)

Seattle's chop
Screenshot via Fox

The first man arrived at 3:15 a.m. by private vehicle, and is currently in ICU at Harborview. The second man arrived at 3:30 by Seattle Medics. The second man died at the hospital. Seattle’s CHOP zone is leaving a mark, alright, a mark of violence and anarchy.

The only way Seattle Police can investigate these instances is by going to the hospital and talking to the victims. In a previous shooting, a 17 year old who was shot in the leg declined to answer any questions.

The city attempted to “negotiate” with the CHOP leadership over the weekend, to no avail. Activists refused to leave the CHOP zone. They were “asked” to leave, which never works with terrorists.

And no, the city of Seattle couldn’t get the barricades taken down as they promised, and they reportedly “tried” all weekend long. Protesters laid down on the street in front of the city crews, making them unable to use the heavy equipment. The city crews left after two hours of frustration.

CHOP leadership took over the East Precinct police department, and now the rest of the anarchists are reportedly moving in there as well. They believe the precinct is their best “bargaining chip” to get what they want.

Understand this: they do not want “police reform.” They want police abolished. They want all juveniles removed from the prison system. They demand reparations from Seattle Police, and police prosecuted for their alleged crimes. They want Black doctors and nurses to treat Black patients at hospitals. They want segregation again…on their terms, of course. All of those things, in addition to many others, are on their demand list posted on  Medium. The real agenda is to tear the city down.

Seattle’s CHOP zone is out of control, thanks to weak city leadership.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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