Mom Warns About Schools Hiding Trans Identity From Parents After Daughter Was Kidnapped And Trafficked (Video)

The mom of the teen is now suing the school district for keeping her daughter’s new “gender identity” at school a secret.

Michelle Blair is the biological grandmother and adopted mother of 15-year-old Sage Blair, who identified as a male because she apparently “just wanted to have friends.”

Sage’s prior mental health conditions, gender ideology social contagion, the adolescent desire to fit in, and “affirming” a child’s chosen identity by the school board led to a traumatic chain of events where the teen faced repeated sexual assault, kidnapping, and trafficking.

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The video is from January, but is resurfacing now because Michelle Blair has filed a lawsuit against her local Virginia school board and district staff for not notifying her about her daughter identifying as a male at school.

Michelle had previously informed the school about her daughter’s history of mental health issues, including depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and hallucinations.
Despite this vital information, the school decided to support Sage’s social transition without involving her parents.
It wasn’t until Sage’s parents stumbled upon a hall pass with the name “Draco,” Sage’s chosen name at school, that they discovered the truth about their child’s situation.
The Child & Parent Rights Campaign, representing Michelle, argues that the school’s failure to disclose Sage’s gender identity “deprived” Michelle of her fundamental parental rights, including making “educational and mental health decisions” for her child, Daily Mail reports…
…Vernadette Broyles, Michelle’s attorney, argues that Sage’s harrowing experiences are a direct result of the school’s failure to involve parents in a child’s transition process.
“It is frankly just cruel and irresponsible for school officials to be encouraging confusion, gender confusion in particularly traumatized young girls with histories of mental health.”
Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has taken steps to address such issues, implementing new state guidance that now requires schools to inform parents if their child is socially transitioning.
This change in policy seeks to prevent situations like Sage’s traumatic experience from happening in the future.
Source: Meaww via MSN

Michelle tells the tragic tale in a May 2022 piece on the Missing Persons Center website.

Sage started going thru [sic] gender confusion in 8th grade due to the influence of fellow students. She was attending a small school and Sage informed me that all the girls were either bi, trans, or lesbian. So she decided to advise her friends and teachers she wanted to be trans and Sage would no longer be her name. She requested to be called Draco and be a boy. To which the school obliged as it’s a law. Unfortunately, they legally did not have to inform me, her legal mother. I wish I had known. This would have been a much different story.

Michelle said that the horrific chain of events began when Sage entered 9th Grade at a new school in Appomattox County in August 2021, where she said that a lot of kids were “goth” and “emo.” Sage informed the school that she identified as a boy, wanted male pronouns to be used, and would go by the alias “Draco.”

The school complied giving her access to male spaces — which quickly became a problem. Sage was being bullied, groped, and had rape threats. Nevertheless, she was still permitted to use the boys’ bathroom.

After the constant harassment, Sage ran away from home on August 25. Michelle and her husband called the Sheriff, and the case quickly expanded to include the FBI and U.S. Marshalls.

“Sage had been sex trafficked from Virginia into Washington DC and then transported to Maryland. The FBI and Marshals found her at the home of the abuser being kept in a locked room on Sept 2, 2021,” writes Michelle.

Shockingly, despite the trauma that Sage went through that was enabled by the “affirming” adults in the school, Michelle and her husband were the ones investigated for “abuse” for not properly acknowledging Sage’s new identity as a boy named “Draco.”

Abuse charges were filed against my husband and myself and Draco was put in the Children’s Home in the boy’s unit where she was again abused and placed in a private room.
Again, I was not advised that Sage (with a female body), was placed in a boys unit. What in the world did they think would happen!?
After an investigation by both Maryland and Virginia DSS, the abuse charges were determined to be unfounded. Yet Sage still could not come home.
Instead of the trauma care that Sage desperately needed when she was rescued, she was manipulated and our family was treated unfairly. Had this situation been treated correctly, my Sage would have gotten the help she desperately needed instead of becoming a missing child.

Sage was not returned to her home in Virginia. Instead, the Baltimore juvenile court system assumed custody of her on the recommendation of Sage’s public defender, Aneesa Khan, who told the judge that Sage’s parents were not sufficiently “affirming” of the new male identity and suggested that there was abuse in the home. Sage was sent to a children’s home for boys in Maryland. She was the only female there and was subjected to even more abuse — this time enabled by the “affirming” court system.

In November 2021, Sage didn’t return to the children’s home.

This time, she was found in Texas, where the troubled teen fell into the hands of another predator.

Sadly, the MD Marshal found that Sage had been sent by another predator from Maryland to Dallas Texas.  This man held her there in a locked room and used her for pornography, sold her body for money, starved her, beat her, and drugged her. Thru [sic] the grace of God the Texas Marshall found her on January 24, 2022. A true miracle. So many children are never found.
Sage is currently in a residential therapeutic facility for the next 1-2 years depending on how well she responds to the program. She will struggle with these consequences the rest of her life.
I want to share her story with anyone and everyone who will listen. I am just one small voice for 1000’s of these children that our society is endangering by passing laws that give them more rights than the parent. These new laws are putting these kids in danger. Their brains aren’t even fully developed until the age of 25! We’re allowing these children, schools and medical facilities to legally keep secrets from the parents. This is very real and very scary.
Source: Missing Persons Center

Back in January when the video was filmed, Michelle Blair was speaking out to gain support for “Sage’s Law” — a state bill that would require schools in Virginia to inform at least one parent if a minor child is “experiencing gender incongruence” and to must obtain parental permission before socially transition that child to a gender identity that doesn’t align with biological sex.

This never should have happened.

I hope this family wins and they soak the individual teachers and the school board for as much as they can get. Then, they should sue the public defender and the judge that put Sage in a boys’ home where she was sexually assaulted after being sex trafficked.

Sage’s mental health care for the rest of her life should be covered by these “affirming” ghouls who put a minor in a position to be repeatedly raped.

This teen was harmed for life by a social transition facilitated by the school board and the courts who didn’t consider that she was a troubled child with other issues.

All of these adults that pushed for a girl to be housed with troubled teen boys are just as guilty of trafficking her as the traffickers.

How many more Sages are out there that we don’t know about?

How many more do there have to be before the willful blindness of the dangers of “affirmative care” are exposed?

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