Mohammedans Target “Soft” Venues; Fire Jihad, & Capitol Hill’s Enablers/Swamp-mates: Where is The Nexus

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ONE can be forgiven for feeling whip-lashed….butt-smacked….whatever….each and every time Islamic Jihadis enter the public domain – with no end in sight. And it is due to this aspect (plus so much more) that many of the signals are missed, except when frontal jihad explodes in the (mostly, clueless) public’s face. Patriots, it is way past time to get with the program.

WITH said stage set – and before we examine the recent “soft-value” target in Florida – a few back-track warnings are in order. Incontestably, it was forewarned.


  • On Feb. 25, 2015, a clarion call was sent via multiple-alarm re-blogs:”ISIS/Al-Shabaab Will Attack U.S. Malls: Predicted At This Site!

Excerpted within, the reader will find these highlights:

As mentioned from the onset: “in this regard, in order to prepare for what is coming America’s way, know that exploding malls stand in the forefront.” This type of “soft-value” target has been cited at this site as an immediate threat. Lo and behold, Johnson, DHS’s chief pyromaniac, was forced to announce: there is a threat to America’s malls – Mall of America is a chief target!

Imagine that. This is the case even though ISIS’s (Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood are its parents, don’t ever forget this tidbit) strategic bank has been predicted within these pages, and from none other than a very close contact – premiere counter terrorism expert, Dave Gaubatz.

Back in Sept. 2013, the following was blared, but was anyone listening?? Nope.

For several years I have been ringing bells, screaming at the top of my lungs, and doing everything I can to bring to the attention of Americans that our Shopping Malls and Public Schools will be attacked by Al Qaeda/ISIS, and we are not prepared to protect our loved ones.….

The ‘Mall of America’ in MN, is the largest shopping mall in America.  Thousands and thousands of people visit this mall on a daily basis.  For just a second do you not believe Islamic terrorists don’t know this. A friend of mine (Denise) suggested the attack in Kenya may be a ‘dry run’ for a shopping mall attack in America.
Are our malls protected from such attacks? No. They are very ripe for a murderous attack by Islamic groups.
One day soon our shopping malls and schools will endure attacks by Islamic terrorists, yet due to political correctness we will do nothing to protect the innocent people at these locations.  A metal detector and more armed police at our schools and malls would be more beneficial than one’s at our airports.

Previously I have written about the real possibility of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists (AMT) attacking large crowds of Americans at a shopping mall.  Apparently the Mall of America in Minnesota has received direct threats of bombing this large mall.

Mall of America Threats

It will likely occur sooner than later.  2015 is going to be a precursor for many Americans.  The fight will return to America and we have an active Sunni Muslim (Obama) leading our country.  This is not encouraging.  Obama is surrounded by defenders of Islam.

I encourage Americans to be prepared for the upcoming battle against AMT’s.  You must have a sufficient amount of food, water, secure shelter and your legally obtained firearms and ammunition.  Your firearms will be taken away from you because most law enforcement look at them as evil (unless they have them) and ordinary citizens should not have firearms.  Not all law enforcement, but there are many who think this way because they have been brainwashed by the liberals of America.

There have been numerous attacks by AMT’s inside and outside of America.  We have a serious problem and it is the ordinary American citizen who can take your country back.  If another major attack (like a shopping mall) happens in America it will be the American citizens who will suffer, and not AMT’s….continue reading….

YES, in Sept. 2013, this site also featured the strike on Kenya’s mall, assessing it to be a “dry run” for an attack in America! Predicted.

AS always, probings are continuous. The most recent was primed for an attack in Florida! Mind you, it is not a question of this or that state because every state is in their cross-hairs. Rather, it is a question of opportunity and logistics. It just depends.

NOT only that, bear in mind that whether or not an attack is fronted by ISIS or another Islamic hydra is beside the point. In other words, they ALL follow Islam’s murderous dictates via Sharia Law’s underpinnings – resultant, be they “lone wolves” or organized is neither here nor there. After all, dead is dead!

FBI counter-terrorism agents arrested a Miami man for attempting to detonate a bomb in the Dolphin Mall, the Miami Herald reported.

A confidential informant tipped off the FBI about Vicente Solano’s intention to detonate a weapon of mass destruction at the large mall in Doral, a northern suburb of Miami.

Although authorities believe he was acting alone, Solano made pro-Islamic State videos before setting off for the attack. He was arrested while planning to detonate a fake bomb he had acquired from undercover FBI agents.

As of 2015, the FBI said they had ongoing terror investigations in all 50 states of the U.S.

YES, right out of the “soft-target” playbook!

ALONG these lines, fire-jihad enters the fray. Forests, residential areas, malls, schools, and the like are deemed “soft-targets”, as opposed to “hardened” ones. Indubitably, certain targets are better protected with security measures, therefore, the planning and execution require operational assistance. Agreed? On the other hand, arson involves little more than the will to cause grave damage via matches, perhaps, additional incendiary devices, and “cooperative” weather – dry heat and wind are preferable conditions. As such, fire-jihad is a perfect “recipe” for so-called “lone-wolves”, and hardly necessitates a structured cell’s assistance, that is, unless multiple fires are in the mix! Understood?

NOW, this site is MORE than familiar with fire-jihad – both in Israel and America. Again, forewarned.

(One third of the fires in Israel are confirmed to be cause by arsonIsrael buys an additional 17 F-35 fighter jets, the IDF fires back …)

  • In November 2016, Israel’s fire-jihad, once again, exposed arson as a weapon of mass destruction by Mohammedans. How much clearer can it be? As a side note, yours truly, literally, ran for her life to escape its fiery path!!
  • But it is not as if this operational method is news at this end. For instance, in Sept. 2013, it was revealed: California wildfires are Jihad via arson; Al-Qaeda is in the forefront!

EVEN so, patriots shouldn’t wait for the fake news media to dig into this and that. Hence, it is left to non PC-captured sites to alert the public. So, this jihadi expert immediately recognized that this go-around in California was their fiery handiwork! Mind you, sometimes they “take credit”, other times – not so much!

The Islamic State included a report on the California wildfires in the news briefs section of their weekly newsletter, noting the property damage estimates and death toll of blazes that were the “worst in the history” of the state.

ISIS, which has encouraged followers to try arson as a terror tactic, did not take credit for starting any of the blazes.

“Strong winds hindered the efforts” in fighting the blazes, the terror group noted in al-Naba, a 16-page color newsletter distributed within ISIS territory and online as a PDF, while citing California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as saying some bodies had been burned beyond recognition and would be difficult to identify. “Thousands of people became homeless,” ISIS said, adding stats from earlier in the week on “the most destructive fire in the history of the state.”

This past January, ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine — which is published in multiple languages including English — stressed to would-be jihadists that “incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerrilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” claiming a November fire at a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky, Russia, and highlighting scores of wildfires around Israel that month as incidents that “demonstrated the lethality of such an effortless operation.”

Suggested target locations for arson attacks, the magazine stated, “include houses and apartment buildings, forest areas adjacent to residential areas, factories that produce cars, furniture, clothing, flammable substances, etc., gas stations, hospitals, bars, dance clubs, night clubs, banks, car showrooms, schools, universities, as well as churches, Rafidi [Shiite] temples, and so forth. The options are vast, leaving no excuse for delay.”

Jihadists were advised to time their arson “preferably in the later part of night to the early hours of morning when people are generally asleep,” and instructions were offered on how to block off exits to inflict casualties. For wildfires, ISIS said to look for dry brush “as fire cannot endure in damp or wet environments.” Arsonists were encouraged to leave the mark of ISIS somewhere near the fire site with spray paint or black marker.

WHICH brings the discussion straight back to all the enablers….traitors….six of one, half a dozen of another….inside and outside Capitol Hill – be they within Congress, the White House, or any agency in between. Yes, it is fair to suggest that they too are arsonists, albeit, without actual matches!

TO wit, how many times must “soft-jihad” be exposed for what it is? Alas, whether the dots are visible/connected between Wasserman Schultz’s treachery via Pakistani Brotherhood Mafia jihadis (coupled with a dead body found on the beach!); Trump’s Muslima adviser, Dina Powell (who happens to be McMaster’s Deputy, his lean-in toward Islam at the expense of U.S. national security); garden variety Mohammedans, or a laundry list of official and non-official heavy-weights, the damage to the nation’s underpinnings are the same. Got that?

Image result for pics of dina powell and mcmaster

Two separate National Security Council sources have confirmed that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell have been leaking negative material about President Donald J. Trump to their allies in the anti-Trump media, GotNews can exclusively report.

“It’s very hard when your boss, the President, and your boss, the NSC advisor, see the world so differently,” says one staffer, who opposes regime change in Syria.

Staffers on the National Security Council describe a culture of intimidation, especially for those who didn’t come in under McMaster and support the Trump campaign’s commitment to put America First.

“It’s like the Bush years never ended,” notes one staffer who didn’t come in under McMaster. “I didn’t sign up for this shit and the American people didn’t vote for it.”

The staffer also doubts that Democrats are to blame for withholding security clearances, especially for those with ties to General Michael Flynn. The Pentagon under Secretary Mattis has been working with Senator John McCain to deny security clearances over the fictitious Russia investigation.

McMaster uses Powell to plant negative stories in the Washington, D.C. media, our sources tell us.

“We all know she slept her way to the top of NSC, working her way from the receptionist desk at Dick Armey’s office,” notes one NSC staffer. “She has zero qualifications and given her ties to Huma Abedin is a security risk.”

Dina Powell, who is often described as “The Republican Huma Abedin,” is a member of Vital Voices, an organization founded and co-chaired by Hillary Clinton

Dina Habib Powell wants everyone to know that she used to bring leftover mloukhia to school for lunch and that she is a good friend of Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, who worked with her husband at the Clinton-linked consultancy Teneo. Powell is also close to Valerie Jarrett….

After several months of inquiry, GotNews will also be breaking news about Dina Powell’s time at Goldman Sachs and her relationship to former Goldman Sachs president and current director of Trump’s National Economic Council Gary Cohn later in the week, as well as her connection to Ivanka and Jared Kushner — a senior administration official confirmed via text message that Powell and Cohn have been having an affair.

NOT exactly news on this end.

KNOW that this site sounded multiple fire alarms (re the above) ala the highest decibels imaginable. Most significantly, the warnings regarding McMaster and Powell became more proof of the same. Their trails can be found herehere, hereherehere, and here….so on and so forth.

OH, as an added twist, how many read about the damning info re Trump’s “dynamic duo” and the familial swamp at these pages? If not, time to catch up to speed. Regardless, the following queries beg to be addressed:

  1. Did Trump know about the duo’s (prior) cozy friendship with the double-crossing Muslima?
  2. And what about the affair – an absolute conflict of interest – between Cohn and Powell? Inextricably, Cohn is tasked with uplifting the U.S. economy, while Powell, his bed-mate, is doing everything to undermine national security! Yes, most of us are familiar with “pillow talk.” Hmm.

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MOST significantly, if the POTUS has been in the dark re the above questions, well, it demonstrates a total lack of due diligence. If he knew, still yet, he did nothing……

INDEED, the swamp is infested from ALL sides! Ipso facto, is it any wonder that Allah’s Muslim Terrorists have NO fear from the powers that be? Asked and answered.

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