Moe Davis – NC Democrat Candidate Advocates Violence Against Opponent?

Not all veterans and military members are Conservatives, as we have reminded you over the years. Col (Morris) Moe Davis (retired, thank goodness) is a case in point. His vile tweets have become the focus of the campaign for North Carolina District 11, which seeks the seat vacated by Mark Meadows. He has accused his opponent, Republican Madison Cawthorn, of being a Nazi because he only follows 88 people on Twitter (that’s supposedly a Nazi code, you know).

Oh, and he “sports” a “molon labe” emblem somewhere. Not that countless ordinary 2nd Amendment loving Americans haven’t “sported” those.

He “posed” with a Betsy Ross Flag. He follows only 88 people Why should he follow everyone on his followers list? Even Moe Davis doesn’t do that. SPQR Holdings, LLC is a real estate investment company owned by Madison Cawthorne. SPQR is an acronym for Senatus Populusque Romanus and translates to “The People and Senate of Rome.” It has been misused by some nationalist groups, which is likely why Moe Davis seized on it.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Visiting the Eagle’s Nest was about celebrating the Allies triumph over evil, not celebrating Hitler. But Democrat Moe Davis used it to pound the extremist idea into the public mindset.

Candidate Moe Davis is working very hard to paint Madison Cawthorn as an evil Nazi and advocates killing such people.

Madison responded:

“Tough debates about our records and positions are fair game but advocating violence against those who disagree with you is disgraceful and dangerous. I denounce political violence in any form and encourage my opponent to renounce this statement. The voters of WNC deserve better.” Madison Cawthorn

Painting your opponent as a Nazi extremist is pretty stupid. Not to mention the violent statement after that advocates killing your political opponents. Something is seriously wrong with this Moe Davis.

Other twitter users weren’t impressed with his viciousness:

“Dem nominee & retired USAF Colonel Moe Davis’ vile and racist tweets against Madison Cawthorne, Trump and all things Republican are a disservice to military members everywhere. Democrats are proud to run such a candidate but his tweets are worse than anything Trump ever said.” Dean Browning PA

“He’s vile. Not to mention his current avatar pic in a very dated uniform. I interacted with him once on this platform; completely off-topic, he disparaged my religion. Unfit for office.” Matt Wattage

Morris ‘Moe’ Davis was a Guatanamo Prosecutor, attorney,  judge, and retired Air Force Colonel. Many veterans vote for other veterans just because of their title as a veteran. Big mistake in this case.

A.P. Dillon at NSJonline reported, (please note that Davis blocked Dillon after asking a question about confirming his statement for the record.)

Many of Davis’ tweets use profane language. An example of such is one attacking the President and the First Lady which was accompanied by a photo of the couple holding their son when he was an infant.

“You’ve got to be a 100% purebred worthless scumbag asshole to do a grinning photo doing a thumbs up while your foreign-born nude model 3rd wife holds the baby of 2 parents who were slaughtered by another asshole who was carrying out your racist asshole agenda!” Davis tweeted on Aug. 9 of 2019…

…Other past tweets by Davis that were uncovered include attacks on the National Rifle Association, referring to Trump rallies as “Klan rallies,” agreeing that “Make America Great Again” hats are the “new KKK hoods” and repeating Russian collusion conspiracy theories.

Yet another tweet attacked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s religious beliefs with a string of insults about President Trump.

If you think you’ve been called by Christ while you’re serving as the lead fluffer for the profane, serial adultering, immoral, habitual lying, narcissistic, draft-dodging, grifter @realDonaldTrump then it’s obvious Jesus butt-dialed you by mistake,” reads Davis’ tweet from Oct. 2019.

Davis’ tweets also referred to the Covington Catholic students as “Magats,” a play on the word maggots…

…Kaliner said he had additional questions for Davis which were not asked due to time constraints which he provided to North State Journal. Those questions involved Davis’ support for Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after photos surfaced of Northam wearing a KKK costume standing next to a person in Blackface.”  …

Madison Cawthorn was set to enter the US Naval Academy and had ambitions to become a Marine, when he was hit by a car and left in a wheel chair at age 18. He has built a good life that either Moe Davis is jealous of, or he’s just a jerk. Here is Cawthorn’s speech at the RNC.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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