Missouri Sen. Schmitt Files Proposal To Dismantle DEI Offices In The Federal Government (Video)

(Natural News) Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) has taken a significant step in what many conservatives see as a necessary move by introducing a bill that seeks to abolish diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offices across various government departments and agencies early this month.

The senator’s proposal, aptly named the Abolish Government DEI Act, would specifically dismantle the aforementioned offices in at least 40 government entities receiving taxpayer funding. Several DEI departments under the executive branch – including the State, Interior, Treasury, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Homeland Security, Energy, Veterans Affairs, Commerce and Defense Departments – would be axed.

“[President] Joe Biden has poisoned traditionally non-partisan government entities with divisive DEI politics, and these programs have done nothing more than waste taxpayer money and sow division among federal employees,” Schmitt told the Daily Caller.

“America is the greatest meritocracy the world has ever seen, and DEI officers, made-up buzzwords, and feel-good initiatives authored by Biden and bureaucrats undercut the very foundation of our country. I will work to counter inherently unfair and wasteful DEI initiatives in our federal government.” (Related: Texas governor signs bill ordering the CLOSURE of DEI offices across state-funded universities.)

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The former Missouri attorney general-turned-senator’s statement underscored his belief that DEI programs have not only wasted taxpayer money but have also sowed division among federal employees.

In a broader context, the private sector’s initial enthusiasm for DEI initiatives – particularly in the wake of the post-George Floyd era – is reportedly experiencing a shift. The corporate landscape has witnessed a notable trend, with many chief diversity officers in major corporations resigning. Additionally, demand for DEI positions is said to be at its lowest point in 30 years.

Eliminating DEI offices in gov’t agencies a “lifesaver”

Schmitt highlighted a landmark Supreme Court case on affirmative action with regard to the negative impact of DEI initiatives in education. However, it can be noted that the Abolish Government DEI Act also focuses on critical agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services. This suggests that eliminating DEI initiatives in these areas could be not just a policy decision but, in the case of healthcare, a potential lifesaver.

Moreover, the Missouri senator’s remarks emphasize his opinion that DEI initiatives undermine the very foundation of America. He explained that such endeavors erode the meritocracy that he believes makes America exceptional. Schmitt’s bill reflects a growing sentiment, particularly among conservatives, that these programs are not only counterproductive – but also run counter to the principles of meritocracy and equal opportunity.

As the bill navigates through the legislative process, it sparks debates about the role of DEI initiatives in shaping the federal government’s internal dynamics. Schmitt and other proponents contend that such initiatives have become a breeding ground for divisive politics. In contrast, critics argue that dismantling these offices could undermine efforts to address so-called “systemic inequalities.”

The debate extends beyond political lines, with discussions about the efficacy and unintended consequences of DEI programs taking center stage.

In a larger context, the bill reflects a broader societal shift where conversations about DEI are undergoing intense scrutiny. The private sector’s experiences, with the resignation of chief diversity officers and reduced demand for DEI positions, suggest that the corporate world is reassessing the trajectory of these initiatives.

As the Abolish Government DEI Act makes its way through the legislative process, it symbolizes a tangible expression of the ongoing discourse surrounding DEI initiatives. It prompts a reflection on the balance between addressing systemic issues and preserving the principles that many consider foundational to the nation’s identity.

The outcome of this legislative endeavor will likely reverberate beyond the political arena, shaping the contours of future discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in government and society at large.

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This video is from The Hard Right View channel on Brighteon.com.

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