Missouri Breaks….With Obama


Missouri is about to take a big step in stopping Obama from enforcing new gun laws.  Gov Nixon vetoed the bill, but it originally passed both houses by more than enough votes to override it.  The new law could send federal officers to a year in prison for trying to enforce laws within their borders.

Missouri legislators are about to override a veto by Gov Jay Nixon, to enact one of the toughest nullification laws in the US.  The bill would make it a crime for federal officers to attempt to enforce federal gun laws in Missouri carrying a possible sentence of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine.  The same penalty would apply to journalists who publish information about gun owners.Several democrats have already said they would vote to override the veto, even though they feel the bill is unconstitutional.  They concede that they come from parts of the state where a no vote is a career ending move.  They feel the bill is unconstitutional because it places state law above federal law and it violates the freedom of the press.

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