The missing plane…a mystery of a different kind

“This is beginning to come together to say that…this had to have been some sort of deliberate act and not a catastrophic failure.” jet– ABC News aviation analyst John Nance

As the search area now encompasses the Gulf of Thailand, the South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca, the Andaman Sea, and the Indian Ocean…the game of who knows what…who’s hiding what…and why was it done (if indeed the plane was hijacked) continues on. But in play are 239 human lives…lives I believe are still with us and will be used as bargaining chips at some later time….minus the three NOT quite ‘kosher’ passengers two of whom were Iranians with stolen passports and one-way tickets, and a Chinese Uighur muslim man with flight simulation training.

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370…a Boeing 777-200… grows stranger with each passing hour, but it now seems more and more likely that this plane is NOT missing per se, but is on the ground in some foreign country…in some muslim country…possibly to be used to mimic the events of September 11, 2001.

Taking the plane to Pakistan or Iran to be used against the U.S. or more likely Tel-Aviv at some later date (it’s closer and plays into Iran’s nefarious wish for Israel quite well) now seems to be gaining credence as just released military radar data “suggests” the missing plane was “deliberately” flown off course. And with this plane needing only 3600 feet to land, it could land just about anywhere as leftover landing strips from WWII are all over the general area being searched, as are the airstrips of rouge nations.

search fieldDeliberately flown off course, for while the transponders (basically a radio transmitter working with ground radar to communicate with air traffic controllers to identify the aircraft’s speed, altitude, and position) stopped working during the flight…and it’s been confirmed that they were manually shut off in sequence as the plane veered off course while continuing to travel on for four to five hours on a flight path that’s normally used for Middle East destinations. And according to experts, the so-called ‘pings’ that we’ve all been hearing about came from the plane’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), and were transmitted to satellites after the transponders stopped sending signals by connecting to satellites via ‘handshake’ links…sort of like a cell phone network searching for its customer.

Now the pieces of the puzzle are starting to take shape…the transponders were shutdown manually one by one as opposed to suddenly which would be the case with a crash…two Iranians with stolen passports and one-way tickets, and a Chinese Uighur muslim who had flight simulation training were on board…the plane was deliberately taken off course and we know traveled on for said four to five hours based on the ‘pings’ picked-up…and the plane still has NOT been located even though if it had lost power and crashed investigators would have been able to calculate its location within about 100 miles based on its trajectory.

Now add in the fact that even after the plane lost contact with ground control it made sharp changes in altitude climbing up to 45,000 feet (roughly a mile higher than the approved altitude limit for this type of plane) then abruptly descended to 23,000 feet (which is below normal cruising levels) as it approached the Malaysian island of Penang (based upon signals recorded by two radar stations, one at the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Butterworth base on the peninsula’s west coast and the other at Kota Bharu on the northeast coast)…then turned from a southwest- bound course to a northwest bound course over the Strait of Malacca and out towards the Indian Ocean.

And with this changing in altitude and course it most likely means that the plane was still under the command and control of the pilot or that someone was turning the autopilot on and off.

two iraniansBut then the plane descended, and the question becomes descended to what…and of course to where.

So did someone try to hijack the plane but found it too difficult… that would also account for the altitude changes…but did they finally succeed and gain control of the plane and take it ‘under the radar’ to some (un)friendly country…or did the plane plunge into the sea way off course from where it should be, possibly landing whole, but then as days went by did it sink to the bottom of the ocean.

looking at mapSo why can’t we or the Chinese find the plane…or has it already been found with that information being deliberately kept from the public for obvious yet nefarious purposes. Quite possibly, as yesterday afternoon out of the blue Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney goes on TV and announces that the NTSB and the White House will NOT issue any more statements concerning the US made missing plane.

And that in and of itself brings us back to the strong possibility of this being a hijacking…the conclusion I have held since day one. Remember also that there were 20 highly skilled electrical engineers on the plane (something NOT being reported on by the media)…engineers who were experts in the very weaponry that allows planes and ships to ‘disappear’…as in NOT being visible on radar.

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And could one or more of the engineers have been in cahoots with a hijacker(s) and helped take the plane to Iran or Pakistan under the radar. Now think about this…two Iranians on board…Iranians who hate Israel enough to hijack a plane and use it against them in the NOT too far future…a definite possibility.

So with a catastrophic or mechanical event now being ruled out by most experts…including a breech in the plane’s outer layer that would have resulted in a loss of oxygen…and because NO mayday signals were sent out…the Malaysian government has issued a statement saying this appears likely to have been a hijacking with possible corresponding sabotage.

And with the last words from the flight crew being “All right, good night” the mystery of Flight 370 gets weirder with each passing day as we continue to focus on it which takes our attention off all things Obama…and you just know how happy he is about that.