Miss. Dem. House candidate makes offensive Benghazi masturbation joke, gets schooled

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causeyIt looks as if Mississippi voters have their very own version of Mike Dickinson, the unhinged leftist moonbat who wants the House seat held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va.

Meet Trish Causey.  She calls herself an “ActivistArtist” on her website, and she wants to represent Mississippi’s 4th District.  Causey is your typical leftist in that she supports pretty much any policy that will destroy America.  But it seems she has a perverted side as well.  Last Saturday, she tweeted:


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Yes, she actually tweeted that.  And she wants to go to Congress.  A number of people took her to task:






And on it goes.

One person had a bit of advise for Mississippi voters:



She later played the victim card and posted this:


We searched, but couldn’t find any threats…


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