Minnesota Jihad: “We’re going to kidnap you and then we’re going to rape you”

Jihad in America.
Jihad in America.

“You know Sharia law? You know we could kidnap you?”

The alleged “refugees” in the Twin Cities are making headlines for two different reasons, but with jihad as the same common thread.

  1. Muslim males between the ages of 18-40 volunteering to wage jihad in the Middle East and North Africa.
  2. Muslim males between the ages of 18-40 volunteering to wage jihad in the state of Minnesota.

As reported by World Net Daily (WND.com) and CityPages.com (of Minneapolis), roving gangs of young Somali males are now turning an upscale Minneapolis neighborhood into a veritable garbage can. And to make matters worse, they’re threatening native-born American women with kidnapping and rape because Shari’a Law authorizes such.

While CityPages.com describes the perpetrators simply as “jerks,” the Thomas Beach neighborhood is seeing said “jerks” disregarding trash bins, “preferring to dump vodka bottles, cigarette butts, and soiled diapers on parking lots, sidewalks, and bike trails…”

CityPages.com did relate the experiences of “longtime neighborhood resident Annan Wilson, who lives less than two blocks from [Lake Calhoun]. As reported:

Welcoming them to Thomas Beach were three vehicles, parked side by side and blocking the entrance to the lot. Nearby was a throng of young men, two of whom were chucking a basketball and football at other parked cars. Sensing a bad energy, Wilson’s party detoured, walking away from their sandy destination.

Wilson walked out into her front yard the following day. She could hear f- and n-bombs coming from the beach. She moved in for a closer look. The same three cars were camped out again near Calhoun Parkway. She recognized the men from the day prior.

“They were so aggressive,” she tells City Pages. “You could just tell it was bad news.”

Husband Peter paid the men a visit at the behest of his wife. He asked that they tone it down. His requests were turned around into accusations of racism. A short time later, when Annan decided to snap pictures of the perps’ cars, the men responded, “‘F*ck you! We’ll come take a picture of your house and take care of you,'” she says.

But it didn’t end there.

According to Minneapolis police, the very same day Wilson encountered the men at the beach, a 30-year-old woman who lives on the parkway was told: “We’re going to kidnap you and then we’re going to rape you.”

“They showed up for three days straight, but that day was definitely the worst,” says the victim, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she feels unsafe using her name. “When they first approached me I was in my garage unpacking boxes. That’s when they said, ‘You are very beautiful. Your home is very beautiful. We want to live here.'”

Sorry, but I’m married, she responded.

“Then they said, ‘That’s no problem. You know Sharia law? You know we could kidnap you?'” according to the victim. “… I took this to mean they’re their own judge and jury and they can do whatever they want. They can kidnap me and rape me because they’re allowed under the law they believe in.”

However, the write-up in WND.com wasn’t afraid to call it as they saw it. As reported, “Nearly all Somalis living in Minnesota are either refugees or children of refugees. They form a burgeoning Muslim enclave created by the U.S. government’s long-term refugee policy.”

Dropping quite the truth bomb on the Minneapolis news media, WND.com noted:

A check of the Star-Tribune website, Minneapolis’s largest newspaper, did not turn up a single story about the June 28 terror-threatening run through the Lake Calhoun neighborhood.

KSTP Channel 5, an ABC affiliate in Minneapolis, never mentions that those making the alleged terroristic threats were Somalis. The station’s video report by Brett Hoffland, however, zooms in on a police report highlighting that the suspects were “approximately 20-30 Somali males” who were making “comments” that turned to “threats.”

“Multiple young men have been harassing them,” Hoffland reported.

“We couldn’t get them out,” a woman tells Hoffland from behind shadows, her voice digitally altered to protect her identity. “We didn’t know what to do.”

When the shouts of “We’re going to rape you” rang out, “it was just a very traumatizing experience,” the woman said.

The Somalis were driving onto the sidewalk and onto the homeowners’ lawns, “all while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming” their threats, she said.

“It’s a scary thought especially for those who have young children.”

Multiple neighbors took cell-phone videos of the roaming gang of young Somali men.

It’s not the first time they’ve showed up, but on June 28 the threats were “much more personal,” the female resident told KSTP.

According to KTSP, the Minneapolis Police Department has opened an active investigation, and police are taking it “very seriously.”


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