Militia Occupation in Oregon Part II — The Reactions

The reactions have begun in response to the militia takeover of a small building in the Malheur Wildlife refuge. Some are hailing it as “about time,” others are wary and divided over the issue, still others are calling the folks involved “terrorists” and demanding action by the Feds. Thus far, this is NOT an armed standoff.

Killing Americans?

Montel Williams tweeted that he was “totally fine” with the Feds using “massive force” to “take out” Ammon Bundy. There have been not just men, but women, and yes there was even a child there at one point. His rant is advocating killing American citizens.

Let’s not make this into another Waco, Montel.

So far it’s been peaceful – will it last?

Fact Check:

1) The occupiers have not damaged the building in any way.

2) According to people on the ground, there are apparently only 20-25 people, or 6-12 (depending on who you believe) who took over the building. It wasn’t 100-150 as some media reported. These broke off from the peaceful protest on Saturday to go to the building.

3) No one has been hurt, and as long as police keep their distance, no one is likely to be, according to Ammon Bundy.

4) Oathkeepers’ leader Stuart Rhoades, 71, is there  and asking for people to come and ensure that there will be no violence. They are hoping for ‘cool heads’ to keep people safe.

Wolves in Sheepdog’s clothing

Do any of you remember Former Police Chief Mark Kessler, who made patriots think he was one of them? All the while, he was actually working for the Federal Government as a mole. He was at the Bundy Ranch as a ‘supporter’ in April of 2014. A wolf in sheeepdog’s clothing.

He was part of the plot against patriots. Yet people flocked to friend him on Facebook and stand with him against the government. It was a shock that rippled through the entire Patriot movement when he confessed to working for the Feds.

Did someone take his place? Something to think about, and it is best to be wary in these situations.

 militia occupation
Ammon Bundy addresses media at the refuge. Twitter photo

Patriot Movement Still Stands Deeply Divided

The fact is, the prosecution of the Hammonds is an egregious example of malicious prosecution by the U.S. Government and the BLM. Read the entire story here. Though the cause for this occupation is a just one, the method is not to everyone’s liking.

A reporter at the Three Percenter’s Club, Maureen Peltier,  who visited the refuge, covered the story on the ground:

We spoke with & saw Ammon Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Jason Patrick, Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper and more. We met them outside the gate. Freezing cold. They did have a good security team and bon fires to keep warm.

They want Americans with rational, cool heads to join them. I learned that land belonged to over one hundred ranchers before the reserve refuge came in. They are reporting that there is no hostile take over. No property damage, no ‘do not’ trespass signs, the doors were not locked to the building. There is absolutely no armed standoff. Roads were clear going to & coming from.

Others are blatantly opposed to their action:

A leader of one of the militia movements sent an email to a friend of mine. His statement reads in part,

“Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. Think about the past 3 years; the government has been painting patriots as armed thugs, and has succeeded. And now, this fringe group, with a blood thirst for war, is proving the government right, and putting ALL PATRIOTS in danger! We MUST end this PEACEFULY, and do it NOW, for everyone’s benefit!

To be clear: While I agree that the Hammonds may be the most recent victims of government overreach, I do NOT agree with the decision made by those like John [sic] Ritzheimer, Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, and others who I feel are simply looking for an excuse to start a fight with the federal government. There is a time and a place for everything and this is not it.

Don’t overreact

The overreaction of people who are NOT there is a problem. The liberal media has overblown this situation to the point of complete idiocy.

The  people in the community of Burns, Oregon, and the Hammond family themselves are concerned – the Hammond family and their attorney did not want this situation.

Ammon wants to show the government’s overreach and find restoration for the rights of the people to own and manage their own lands.

Law enforcement as yet has not done anything, though  they are closely monitoring the situation. But this is not a time for panic in any direction.

Stay tuned.

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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