Why Mick Mulvaney should be appointed OMB Director by President-elect Trump

Mick Mulvaney is the perfect choice to be OMB Director in the Trump Administration
Mick Mulvaney is the perfect choice to be OMB Director in the Trump Administration

Like many of you, I was thrilled four weeks ago that Donald Trump was elected our next president. He ran for the office pledging to “drain the swamp” in reforming government, secure the borders, and bring fiscal sanity to Washington D.C. after eight years of out-of-control expansion of federal power and spending. The nomination of a solid conservative in Mike Pence, for Vice President, was also a solid indication of the kind of policy direction we could expect from a Trump Administration.

The next president could find and appoint no better an ally in these goals, as the next director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) than Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC). Having worked with the incoming Vice President, Mike Pence, in Congress, both of them will be great advocates of fiscal sanity and moving us to balancing the budget in the new administration. As I understand it, Pence has a strong hand in deciding who will be the next OMB Director, and I hope that leads to Mulvaney getting the appointment from President-elect Trump.

OMB prepares the budget for all federal government agencies, and it truly is the key department from which a strong fiscal conservative can bring about real fiscal restraint and reigning in the size and scope of the federal government after eight years of unmitigated expansion. Mulvaney, who has proven himself in Congress to be a strong supporter of fiscal responsibility, has recently stated the OMB Director office is where he thinks “REAL improvements can be made in how the government is run.”

Mulvaney has many times advocated Congress passing “clean” continuing resolutions, meaning enacting those gigantic spending bills they pass, to fund the federal government, without various unrelated legislation being slipped into them. These legislative add-ons are usually included in the last minute at the bequest of special interest groups. An advocate of good government, by the rules and entirely transparent, Mulvaney has consistently opposed this legislative trickery.

In a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan just yesterday, Mulvaney wrote, “We write today to request that you bring a “clean CR” funding bill to the floor for a vote before December 9. The potential inclusion of language related to issues such as the Export-Import Bank quorum requirements, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, and United Mine Workers pension guarantees” are issues for future consideration, “not language hidden inside must-pass legislation during a lame duck session of Congress,” which he summed up by stating, “We look forward to working with the new administration to accomplish the conservative agenda we all promised our constituents, and believe that a clean CR is the best way for that work to begin in January.”

The voters clearly sent a message to the nation’s capitol in voting to elect Trump as President and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. The mandate is for reigning in federal spending, reforming the government, and bringing about strong economic prosperity as well. Mick Mulvaney is an excellent choice for OMB Director, and there is likely no better candidate for the office. President-elect Trump could do no better than to appoint the South Carolina Congressman as the budget chief the next administration.

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