Michigan professor claims: Americans who practice yoga contribute to white supremacy

It seems that for liberals, everything is racist and contributes to white supremacy — even yoga.  That’s right — yoga.  Our friend Jeff Dunetz informs us over at The Lid that according to Shreena Gandhi, a religious studies professor a Kalamazoo College in Michigan, Americans who practice yoga are feeding white supremacy and promoting the “yoga industrial complex.”

The what?  Apparently, President Eisenhower missed that one when he spoke of the military-industrial complex…

Dunetz adds:

Along with Lillie Wolff,  “an antiracist white Jewish organizer, facilitator, and healer, an Organizer/Trainer with Crossroads Antiracism and has been a student and practitioner of yoga since 2003 ” Ms. Gandhi wrote an article called “Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation.” [Please note: as an “antiracist” white, bald Jewish, conservative writer, organizer, facilitator, and schlepping father of two, I would like it to be known I have no connection to Ms. Wolff beyond reading this one article]

In reality, the article is a bait and switch because it really is a tome about why they think capitalism is bad.

Ah, well, that explains it all.

He minced no words in his overall denunciation of the article and its authors: “Gandhi and Wolff are liars, this article isn’t really about yoga, it’s an assault on capitalism…”

Why are we not surprised…

There’s a whole lot more, here, and it really deserves to be read…


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