Michael Savage asks: Is Obama preparing to steal election if Trump wins?

Michael Savage
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On Thursday, radio talk show host Michael Savage wondered if Barack Obama is preparing to steal the election if Donald Trump wins by claiming the victory is due to Russians hacking the system.

“Obama, you see, has been floating balloons to steal the election, should Trump win,” he said.  “First, they started with the lie that Russia is hacking into our election system.”

He added:

Then they got the stooge, Jeh Johnson, who has failed us at every turn as director of Homeland Security. One Muslim terror attack after another, and he failed us.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

If he was a private citizen, he would have been fired. Negligence, and he still holds his job.

And he had the nerve to give a speech just before Labor Day weekend say that they were worried about the elections and that they wanted to federalize them and take them over, even though the Constitution is very clear and says the states shall control the elections.

But it got even better over the weekend.

And it got so frightening, I said, “My God, they’re getting ready to steal the election if Trump wins.”

What they’re going to do is they’re going to say that the Russians hacked the election, the election is not a valid election, and in order to preserve America’s democracy, Obama has to stay in office.

Or they have to start with a new election.

Savage wasn’t the only one putting out this scenario.

A post at Zero Hedge called it “Plan B,” explaining:

When Donald Trump wins the US Election, the Russian hacker narrative will be disseminated on to the dumbed down, conditioned public. Media, internet, social…full on distribution. The title is already in place…

“Russian hackers, under the control of the evil Vladimir Putin, have the capability to hijack US election systems, in order to secure a victory for Russian controlled candidate Donald Trump,” unnamed NSA officials said to CNN.

Barack Obama will spring into action and declare the entire US election process “may have been” hacked.

Evidence is not needed, and can always be given in the form of tweets and FB posts, without having to actually disclose hard facts (those will be marked “C” for classified).

Obama then suspends the election results.

The NSA, FBI, CIA begin investigations into the possible hack as disclosed by unnamed sources. The Justice Department, under the always reliable Loretta Elizabeth Lynch, certifies all findings from the investigation.

Of course, this would result in untold chaos, but maybe that’s the whole idea…


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)



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