Michael Moore: States not taking Syrian refugees ‘have surrendered to ISIS’

moore2Michael Moore, the wealthy filmmaker worth some $50 million, proved his status as a low-information voter when he issued a tweet claiming that the governors of states that do not want Syrian refugees “have surrendered to ISIS.

Meanwhile, those states whose governors have decided to welcome the refugees have “told ISIS to f-off.”


Reaction was, well, you judge for yourself:



In short, Moore and his low-information supporters have decided that evil is good and good is evil.  Seems to me I’ve heard of that somewhere…

Anyway, Moore has said he’s willing to open one of his homes to the refugees:

And of course, the governor of Michigan is a bigot for wanting to keep terrorists out of the state:

But will he offer them this home?  Something tells me he won’t…

moore home

Twitchy put it this way: “Why Moore would want refugees to be brought a country he often criticizes as grossly unfair and dangerous is anybody’s guess.”

It really isn’t difficult to figure out.  Moore is an America-hating liberal, and this is how liberals “think.”

Exit question: Would Michael Moore welcome a refugee into his home even if that refugee turns out to be an ISIS terrorist?


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