Miami Professor – “Women Can’t Use Guns Effectively”

 In testimony regarding the proposed Florida Campus Carry law, Miami professor of law Mary Anne Franks asserted that allowing women to carry firearms wouldn’t accomplish much  because “women can’t use guns effectively.”


Let’s see now. One headline today from Fox News Insider was of Marilyn Williams, who was a sharpshooter when she was in the ROTC. She chased off a pair of armed robbers with her weapons that she keeps at home.

“You have to be able to protect yourself and your home and your family. You have to be able to do what you need to do, ’cause sometimes that’s why people are dead.” Marilyn Williams

That was “effective.”

Then there was the woman in Dayton, Ohio, who shot a home invasion suspect  in September when he entered her home through a window. She shot him, he left through the same window he came in through, but collapsed a few blocks away. He succumbed to his injuries. She stopped a crime.

That was “effective” too.

 miami professor

Then of course we have Jan Morgan, the owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Arkansas. She’s an award-winning journalist, state police certified firearms instructor, and all around tough cookie. Tell her she’s “not effective ” and, well… use your imagination about her response.

The professor  said that guns were highly “effective for committing crimes,” but not effective in preventing them.  We all know that is a blatant lie.

Oh, we’re so weak…not

These liberal bozos must live under a rock. Anti-gunner Leah Gunn Barrett from NYGV (New Yorkers Against Gun Violence), claimed that women were too “weak” to defend themselves with a firearm.Where do they get this drivel?

“…every firearms course that I can recall attending has had female students, and they’ve shown to be on par with the male students. In many instances, seemed to be more educable than the male students, absorbing instruction and putting it into practice with fewer repetitions…” Bob Owens, Bearing Arms

Campus Carry versus the liberal cowards

Liberals will do ANYTHING they have to in order to drive the conversation in their direction. They will lie, change the conversation, twist words, and try to put blame back on their opposition. Including claim that women are weak and can’t use guns effectively. They do their level best to keep the truth from getting out.

Seven states currently have campus carry laws- Utah (by court ruling), Oregon (by court ruling), Idaho (by law), Mississippi (by law), Wisconsin (by law), Colorado (by court ruling), and Kansas (by law). Arkansas allows concealed carry for faculty only from a 2013 law.

The fact is that a well-trained gun owner can be a male or female, and they are as effective as their training.  Training is not a gender-based issue- it is the foundation for effectiveness.

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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