Mexican police accused of torturing Central American illegal aliens

Mexican police. Photo: Wikipedia.com
Mexican police. Photo: Wikipedia.com

Many on the American political Left get worked into quite the lather when conservative politicians call for concrete actions to control our southern border with Mexico. Despite an estimated 20 million Mexican and Central American illegal aliens already in the United States, conservative politicians and law enforcement officials are often vilified for wanting the nation’s immigration laws simply enforced.

In the meantime, those in this nation illegally often are on the receiving end of American largesse in the form of government monetary assistance along with both medical treatment and schooling paid for by the American taxpayers. Yet the government of Mexico isn’t quite as nice to those who enter their nation illegally, as reported by Nina Lakhani of Great Britain’s left-leaning newspaper The Guardian, and also by Lana Shadwick of the Breitbart.com news portal, both on Apr. 4, 2016.

In one of the more bizarre episodes in human history regarding how neighboring nations treat those who have broken their respective laws, the American Department of Homeland Security released 166,000 violent illegal aliens last year from American prisons back onto American streets. However, our friends south of the border have been accused of rounding up non-violent illegal immigrants from Central America and torturing them.

The Guardian’s Lakhani cited Juan Méndez, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, who quietly presented a report in March 2015 after touring Mexico. According to Lakhani, Méndez revealed a myriad of physical and mental tortures meted out by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Migración – INM (National Institute of Migration).

As reported, agents of the INM have been inflicting “beatings, electric shocks, suffocation, waterboarding, forced nudity and rape, as well as threats and insults” on non-violent illegal immigrants, to include women and children. As if the treatment against non-violent illegals wasn’t bad enough, Méndez is also accusing the INM of catching Mexican citizens in their dragnets and throwing them out of the country, as well.

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