Mexican model executed in front of family, drug cartels implicated

Mexican model gunned down.
Mexican model gunned down.

South of the border is arguably less of a 21st century nation, and more of a cross between the Wild West and Al Capone’s Chicago. Case in point would be the latest high profile murder that very well could be linked to Mexico’s notoriously savage drug cartels.

As reported by the Texas edition of Breitbart.com on June 27, 2016, a Mexican model was just gunned down by unknown assassins in Nuevo Leon. What makes the border state somewhat unique is that many political and law enforcement experts consider Nuevo Leon no longer governed by any civil government or authority. Instead, there are many drug cartels that de facto rule the northern part of the nation with all the subtlety of ISIS.

As reported, model and aspiring television personality Karla Karina Garza Garcia, 23-years-old, was murdered in her home in the Monterrey upscale suburb of Apodoca. In what was confirmed by an unnamed Mexican official, the killing wasn’t just a random act of violence, but a targeted hit.

A group of gunmen stormed into a house in the La Hacienda neighborhood, then demanded to know “Who is Karina?” As various relatives were held at gunpoint, when Garza Garcia was eventually identified, she was dragged into the kitchen.

Despite begging for her life, she was dispatched by a single gunshot wound to the head. The manner of execution is the standard modus operandi of Mexico’s brutal narco-terrorists.

According to the accompanying Spanish-language video, the comely Mexican model didn’t immediately die from the gunshot wound, but actually passed away in the arms of her younger sister. Possibly not totally a coincidence, Garza Garcia’s boyfriend was also executed recently. It’s widely believed he had ties to organized crime.

But Garza Garcia isn’t the first high profile beauty to die a violent death in Mexico’s seemingly never ending drug wars. Maria Susana “Susy” Flores was killed in a 2012 gunfight between gunmen of the Sinaloa Cartel and Mexico’s incorruptible and very hard-core Corps of Marines.

It was initially believed that Flores was just an innocent person caught in the cross-fire, but further investigation revealed something much different. As noted, “Ms. Flores was fleeing a safe-house with a group of henchmen associated with Orso Ivan Gastelum ‘El Cholo Ivan’ of the Sinaloa Cartel, and was shot in the neck and killed by Mexican Marines while trying to escape. One report states that neighbors heard her trying to surrender, saying ‘Don’t shoot.’ But official reports by the Federal Police say they found an automatic weapon by her side and that forensic tests showed residues of gunpowder on her skin proving she was shooting at Marines.”


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