The Trump Effect: Merry Christmas Makes a Comeback

This Christmas is going to be yuge. (
This Christmas is going to be yuge. (

Who would have thought a lapsed Presbyterian would make Merry Christmas fashionable again?

Like the rest of you, I rather enjoy watching America’s hot-house orchids going completely apoplectic over Trump’s election victory. Good luck finding a decent job when your future prospective employers find out you have a violent police record.

The only thing better is seeing the looks on the faces of Clinton and Obama when they are forced to actually say the words “President-elect Trump.”

Is it just me, or did they look like they just took a big bite out of a dog (censored) breakfast burrito? Yeah, they did.

But I digress. Now it may be nothing, but Ace Hardware is now airing a “holiday” commercial in which a certain phrase is used that I haven’t heard in a commercial since the 1990s.

Yes, the smiling saleslady actually says to Mr. Satisfied Customer, “Merry Christmas!” The only thing missing from my initial shock was the distinct smell of toast.

Does the Trump victory have anything to do with that? I dunno. Maybe yes, maybe no. But the timing sure is coincidental, isn’t it?

One thing’s for sure – the good folks at the online shopping site have posted for sale the Donald Trump Christmas Sweater,  complete with Christmas (not holiday) lights that really work.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

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