Memorial Day crosses removed due to complaints angers Veterans, citizens

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Memorial Day crosses removed due to complaints angers Veterans, citizens
Memorial Day crosses removed due to complaints angers Veterans, citizens

Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military, originated in the years following the Civil War, and became an official federal holiday in 1971, but in one Atlanta metro town, the Memorial Day cross display was taken down due to complaints.

The display was in Hiram, Georgia, in Paulding County, and organized by several citizens and each cross was put together with the names of the 79 Paulding County veterans who died as well as what war they died in and yet, a small minority of citizens complained and the display was taken down.

Memorial Day crosses removed due to complaints angers Veterans, citizens
Paulding County, GA veterans who gave their lives for freedom

Many felt the crosses on Highway 92 were an appropriate Memorial Day display in honoring our fallen veterans, but a short time later after the crosses went up outside a city of Hiram building, they came down.

The reason for the removal? The crosses and one citizen told the city attorney, “Were they all Christians?”

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With the removal of the display, a number of veterans and citizens spoke up of why anyone would be offended by a tradition of honoring the men and women who died in combat defending this nation that has occurred for many years.

One citizen commented on social media and said, “To the person that complained about the crosses that were almost set up in Hiram to observe Memorial Day…..GET OVER IT. Personally I am very offended that this person was offended by the crosses.”

Another citizen posted and stated, “These are not crosses to represent a religion, they are representative of the Christians that want to honor them. There is nothing wrong with Christians using a cross to honor fallen heroes. There will be no government property or funds involved, although if we researched each of those fallen I think we would be safe in putting up a religious cross for each of them. I’m pretty sure if they are from Paulding County, they are indeed Christians. That is neither here nor there. This is a tribute to those that gave their lives on the combat field, being honored by Christians that want to participate.”

“The persecution of Christians is out of control. Christians can practice their faith and there cannot and should not be any backlash. I’m not forcing Christianity on anyone, and no one should force me to hide my beliefs. The first amendment protects my right to practice my religion, even on Memorial Day.”

The crosses and the volunteers were not paid for by the city or any entity of the government and who complained about the display is still unknown.

Memorial Day crosses removed due to complaints angers Veterans, citizens
Graveyard of fallen American service men on Iwo Jima

Interestingly enough, in the graveyard of fallen American service men on Iwo Jima, lies a field of crosses and the military, definitely part of our federal government, dug these graves and placed these crosses in 1945.

Update: A Hiram city council member released a statement on Facebook that stated that on Tuesday, May 24, at City hall, the Hiram, GA council would be taking a vote as to whether to put the crosses back up as they were taken down before the city council were told.

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