MEGA WARNING:’School Curriculum Leaked, Hope You Like The Neo-Marxist Lesson Plans…This Is Why Teachers Are Worried Parents Will Listen To Their Virtual Classes’ – FULL-ON CAPTURING OF THE HEARTS & MINDS OF THE KIDDIES!


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Akin to a broken clock and record, this investigative journalist has sounded one alarm bell after another in the direction of parents, grandparents, and all others who care about the future well-being of the kiddies. As inferred, none of the warnings contain positive news regarding pro-American/western teachings, traditional values, nor lesson plans in the direction of the nation’s underpinnings. NOT by a long shot.

For in fact and in reality, said blarings have been (and still are) so deafening that only the hearing impaired can fail to hear them. Deadly serious. But never mind.

Still yet, before we segue to today’s MEGA WARNING, let’s recap what went down last month — atop years’ worth of one alarm after alarm!

The saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is meant to convey to this and that party that anything they do or see while on vacation — or when otherwise “occupied” — will remain between them. Sorta like a “gentleman’s” agreement. Hush-hush.

But there has been nothing on the Q.T. about the long-range, ultimate goal of the disciples of the “forefathers of red indoctrination” — at least, when it comes to the main method in which the west in general and America in specific would eventually and inevitably succumb to their red-avowed ideology.

And this is where the kiddies enter into sharp focus. While the indoctrination of America’s schoolchildren — in the direction of socialism/Marxism/communism — has been ongoing for decades on end, countless have been subliminally silenced into veering away from what their “lyin’ eyes” saw. Similarly, others were (and still are) too terrified to be perceived as “jingoistic” and pro-America, so, an omertà became the “norm.” As such, most of the nigglings remained on the down-low. Effectively, it left decades worth of room and space for those in-the-know to proceed unimpeded . Understood? As to the parents, tragically, most remained (and still are) silent. Blind as bats.

On the other hand, whereas countless alarms have been sounded from this end and, with it, a volume of evidentiary trails have amassed here, most recently, a culmination of its basis led to the following:

The Destruction Of The West Runs Through Academia: K-College In Far-Left’s Death Grip!

Inexorably, only the willfully blind or truly ignorant could have missed the signs and signals. Regardless, there are no longer any excuses….continue the disaster here….

Indeed, since 1 + 1 still = 2 (or, maybe not), if the following LESSON PLANS weren’t on the table, well, that would have been the total shocker! Oh, know that the below will not only set the stage and tone for the rest of the school year and beyond, but for the entire national curriculum under the umbrella and auspices of COMMON CORE!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

RED/RIGHT/DAILY | August 11, 2001

The State of New York’s curriculum for the “Week of Action” was leaked online with lesson plans and supplemental material. The Week of Action is being defined as, “a national uprising that affirms the lives of Black students, teachers and families. This week centers classroom lessons about structural racism, intersectional Black identities, Black history, and anti-racism through the 13 Guiding Principles from the Black Lives Matter movement. “

This curriculum is being promoted by the big teacher’s unions in New York to be adopted by the entire state. This curriculum is being used by teachers in New York. These lessons and one like them are why teachers are concerned about “spectators” listening to them since school will be virtual this fall.

Yes in one week your elementary school-aged child will learn everything they need to know to become a social justice warrior with these 12 “mini-lessons.”

Oh, but just you wait, there is so much more…

This was perhaps my favorite lesson because action week is supposed to be about becoming a social justice warrior for oppressed minorities right? WRONG!

It’s also to support your local fascist teacher’s union.

In one of the lessons, elementary school kids are to role play teacher’s going on strike. The lesson instructs teachers as follows:

You may want to pair this activity with our lesson Why Did LA Teachers Go on Strike, which invites students to learn about and discuss some of the issues surrounding the January 2019 strike by teachers in Los Angeles.

This role play introduces students experientially to the concept of a strike, including some of its risks and benefits. You as teacher play the role of district superintendent and students play the role of teachers. By having to make decisions about whether to strike, and by defending their reasoning, students will better understand the risks and benefits of the choice to strike, both for the teachers themselves and for the school district as a whole.…

The role play ends with a debrief that is, in some ways, the most crucial part of the lesson. In the debrief, you will encourage students to step back and reflect instead on how public education faces larger systemic issues. Be sure to leave plenty of time for the debrief; students are often eager to explain their choices and question others about theirs.

Keep in mind this lesson is for elementary school-aged kids and I’m only scratching the surface.

How about this lesson designed for grades K-5 on how art and LGBTQ rights and compares the quest of the LGBTQ community to the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. Below are screenshots of the lesson:

Also provided in the state of New York’s 2020 curriculum resource guide is these wonderful coloring pages for pre-kindergarten students:

In high school students will be equipped with the “#TrayvonTaughtMe” toolkit, “digital campaign highlights the beginnings of the BlackLives Matter movement, and how Trayvon’s extrajudicial murder and his family commitment to ending gun violence and strengthening communities catalyzed a generation of organizers and activists to take action for Black lives.”

The toolkit provides students with posts they can place on social media to remember Trayvon Martin and demand “state-sanctioned violence.” You are also provided with Snapchat/Facebook live video scripts.

Like I said I am only scratching the surface. I firmly believe in equality and that people should be judged on the content of their character, not of their skin, gender, or sexual preference. However, what the state of New York has produced is not curriculum on equality it’s manipulating children into becoming woke, social justice, zombies. As I looked through the piles and piles of anti-racist critical theory curriculum not once did I see the simple principle…treat others the way you want to be treated.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Is it any wonder that elementary schools are tossing the Pledge of Allegiance in the trash-bin of history — and with the latest being in Atlanta, Georgia? Wonder no more.

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