MEDICAL MUTILATORS: Kaiser Permanente Employee Training Video Claims Three-Year-Olds Can Decide To Become TRANSGENDER (Video)

(Natural News) A “horrified” hospital worker employed by Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s largest health care providers, is sounding the alarm about a new employee training video that claims children as young as three can decide to self-identify as transgender.

The employee, who chose to remain anonymous for safety, leaked the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” video that focuses on so-called “gender-affirming” care for minors.

“Many transgender people have always known their true gender,” the video states, depicting a small child who claims to have “always known” it was another gender than its biological sex – watch below:

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(Related: Back in June, a whistleblower came forward to reveal that Kaiser Permanente is actively training its staff to perform genital mutilation procedures on children at its Southern California hospitals.)

Kaiser Permanente is a perversion operation targeting children for genital mutilation

The above video was created by the National Center for Transgender Equality, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization focused on “advancing the equality of transgender people in the U.S.”

One part of the video urges the hospital employees watching it to learn how to “explain the importance of gender-affirming care to employees, staff, and patients.” In other words, you must recruit others into the LGBT fold and agree to indoctrinate others into transgender cultism in order to remain an employee in good standing.

On its website, Kaiser Permanente admits that it provides “pediatric gender care services” that include “surgical procedures” and hormone “therapies” for children.

“We are a team of dedicated health professionals who provide integrated mental health, medical and surgical care to transgender and gender expansive children and tees [sic] in a comfortable, supportive setting,” the Kaiser Permanente website explains.

Be sure to check out the below clip from Fox Business in which the hosts talk about the medical establishment’s Marxist “gender revolution,” which has innocent children in its crosshairs:

Earlier this year, Chloe Cole, a former transgender who has since “de-transitioned,” sued Kaiser Permanente for coaxing her into getting a gender reassignment surgery when she was still underage.

The consequences of what Kaiser Permanente did to Cole has left in its wake “deep physical and emotional wounds, severe regrets, and distrust of the medical system,” she says.

In the comments on a story about this wicked health care organization, several people pointed out that it seems nothing short of foolish to continue utilizing the services of Kaiser Permanente considering everything they stand for.

“It’s like upselling in the car or fast-food industry,” one wrote. “They train all their employees to ask: ‘Do you want your genitals chopped off with that today, ma’am?'”

“Confusing the confused is the problem!” wrote another. “If you have male or female genitalia at birth, that’s it. Nature does not make mistakes, humans do.”

“It should be illegal to do any surgeries or use any drugs or chemicals or anything that would interfere with natural development until that child is 18 years old and can then legally make their own decisions,” wrote another.

“Any parent or doctor going against it would be jailed for at least 20 years.”

Another asked if people even care about their own children anymore, considering so many parents these days seem to be lining their children up for “sex change” procedures and drugging with no concern whatsoever about their long-term health.

The cult of LGBT is filled with demon-possessed, child-grooming perverts who seem to get a cheap thrill out of mutilating children’s bodies and destroying children’s lives. Learn more at Evil.news.

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