The media and the truth…diametrically opposed

Some important happenings this past week…as the one-year anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s ouster is fast approaching, four explosions rocked the center of Cairo, Egypt and people with machine guns were firing on civilians after the explosions. All shop windows within the surrounding areas were shattered. The dead and injured were taken to area hospitals…and the coverage of this has been slim.

The Supreme Court will soon hear the ‘Abramski’ case concerning the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempting to create laws on their own. Claiming universal background checks in regards to straw purchases isn’t a law but is a gross government overreach and an illegal expansion of the Gun Control Act of 1968, this case cuts to the heart of our Second Amendment rights… and the media has given this NO coverage at all.

The Dow drops below 16,000 for the first time in months losing 376 points in a matter of days as the “rout in emerging markets” continued to spillover into U.S. stocks. Yesterday’s 200-point drop, combined with Thursday’s 176-point drop is the Dow’s biggest two-day down slide since June, resulting in the Dow being down 2.9% for the week, its worst weekly performance since May 2012. So much for Obama’s economic recovery…and the media coverage has been cursory and fleeting at best.

The cover-ups concerning Benghazi continue in the wake of the recently released 85-page bi-partisan report that while saying inadequate security left Americans vulnerable in a dangerous and unstable county, it refused to out-and-out lay the blame for the four American deaths at the feet of its rightful owners…Hillary ‘What Does It Matter’ Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  And while the media coverage was strong for a day or two it then dropped to almost NOTHING as Hillary’s possible 2016 presidential run has to be protected at all costs.

‘Bridgegate’ continues to be big news to some in the media.  The ‘traffic jam’ albatross hanging around NJ Governor Chris Christie’s neck got full non-stop media coverage…media coverage ad-nauseum in fact…for days on end. In the first 24-hours alone, ‘Bridgegate’ got more media attention than Benghazi got over the last 6 months…and all in the hopes of ruining the man…declaring him guilty until proven innocent…that right now numbers show could beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race.

And this all leads up to the most important of all stories breaking this week…pop-singer, teen idol, and Miley Cyrus wannabe, Justin Beiber, was arrest for DUI, drug use, driving with an expired license, resisting arrest, and drag racing at 4am on Miami Beach. Justin Bieber…more important than Benghazi…more important than the NSA spying on ‘We the People’…more important than the on-going ObamaCare fiasco…more important than Iran trying to acquire nukes while they make a laughing stock of our beloved America…more important than the stock market in a tailspin…more important than all this plus more as spoiled brat Justin Bieber has been the headline news story with non-stop coverage on all the alphabet media stations…and most sadly on FOX too, who is calling it ‘Bieber Fever’….makes me want to scream.

Justin Bieber…the ultimate divert and deflect story of the week…and the masses are lapping it up. Makes you wonder what little bit of mischief the ‘anointed one’ has been up to while our attention is diverted away…doesn’t it.And herein lies some of what’s wrong with America today and it can be summed up in one word…priorities. Priorities…highest or higher in importance…something taking precedence over something of less importance.Priorities…according to all the media coverage given him, Justin Bieber is more important than all the Obama scandals combined. Justin Bieber is more important than the fight for ‘God and Country,’ and will be shoved down our throats until the next so-called ‘celebrity’ does something stupid and illegal, and who most likely will get but a legal slap on the wrist simply because they are a so-called ‘celebrity.’

God help our country…puleeze!

Seriously though, it’s high time we called the media to task for NOT doing the job they are supposed to do…that is report the news NOT make-up the news or refuse to report the news they don’t like. The media is supposed to focus on facts NOT rumors or innuendos. The media is supposed to challenge and question our political leaders NOT broadcast their own personal opinions or agendas. In fact, according to our Founders, the media’s sole job is to keep the electorate informed so we can monitor our government and vote responsibly.

And as to keeping me informed, I want to know the true ‘real’ numbers of those who have enrolled in ObamaCare NOT just put an insurance plan in their shopping cart or who simply perused the exchanges. And the media knows these true numbers but dares NOT cross the ‘anointed one’ by reporting said true numbers…so we get the numbers Obama wants us to get and NO more.

I want to know the truth about Iran pulling the wool over Obama’s and Kerry’s eyes with their getting these two miscreants to agree to a deal in Geneva that still allowed them to enrich uranium and dismantle NOTHING. “We did not agree to dismantle anything,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, claiming that the Obama administration had created a false impression in the language it used to describe the six-month agreement. Why isn’t the media reporting non-stop on this important story whose ramifications affects the entire Middle East and beyond….I know why…the media is complicit in covering up the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama sides with his true blood brethren over America…and over Israel of course…and again they dare NOT cross the man whose pocket they’re all in.

And I want to know the truth as to why under this most miserable of president’s watch thousands of brave American troops have died in vain as Iraq falls to the enemy with Afghanistan close behind. I want to know the truth about Benghazi…about why those in the media allowed Christopher Stevens to be painted as the one who caused his own death. I want to know about the massive voter fraud NOT reported on and about the true job numbers and still limping along economy. I want to know about the radical left takeover of our public schools through a monstrosity called Common Core…and about the islamization of America so counter to our Constitution. I want to know why the wants of ILLEGALS now trump the wants of LEGAL Americans…and I want to know about why a man is sitting in the highest office in our land who this very same media helped put there all the time knowing he was NOT qualified or Constitutionally able to be there.

I want to know about all this and so much more…and I want the media to do their jobs and report to me the truth NOT manufacture words that pass for the truth…NOT fabricate the truth…NOT cover for the truth…NOT white-wash the truth…and most importantly NOT ignore the truth…for if they don’t the time will come when they’re NO longer under the protective orb of the man who currently ‘stole’ the office of the presidency. And what will become of the media then for once one falls into a pattern of lies and cover-ups…once one falls from grace…it’s hard to get credibility back…if it even can be gotten back at all.

So try doing the job you’re supposed to do dear media…report the truth and the truth alone…there’s still a bit of time before we retake the Senate and increase our numbers in the House for you to shape up or we will ignore you completely. And as we bloggers have taken to doing your job for you…let me tell you we’re doing a hell of a lot better job at it than you have ever done.

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