Media Poster Boy for Islamophobia is Arrested for Terrorism


Saadiq Long is a Muslim convert who was at the center of a controversy in 2012 after he was placed on the no-fly list by the United States government.  His case was taken up by Glenn Greenwald, CAIR, Mother Jones and MSNBC.  They argued that he was only prevented from flying because of Islamophobia and that he was not a terrorist and the entire affair was based on racism and not on facts.

Here’s a fact for these liberal apologists.  Long was recently arrested in Turkey, along with eight other Muslims, for being part of an ISIS terror cell.  No doubt, these liberal propaganda sources will try to blame the arrest on the “racists” who put him on the no-fly list in the first place.

This is nothing new.  The left went ballistic over the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss, all three of which were charged with espionage for spying for Russia.  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were put to death for turning over nuclear secrets to the Russians.  For many years after their deaths, the left-wing media insisted they were innocent.  The same held true with the famous spy, Alger Hiss.

In both cases, the files have been declassified and made public.  Even the Rosenberg children, who spent years trying to prove their parent’s convictions and subsequent executions were a miscarriage of justice, were forced to admit that their parents were guilty.  The evidence against Hiss was equally undeniable, yet even today, you will hear liberals question their guilt.

In Long’s case, it is more of the same.  Long had served in the US military for ten years and converted to Islam while in Pakistan.  At the time of the 2012 controversy, Long was living in Qatar, the second biggest backer of terrorism in the world behind Iran.  Qatar backs the Nusra Front in Syria.

Why the left-wing press always sides with the enemies of the United States is a question I will allow you to decide for yourself.  The fact that they do is incontrovertible.


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