Media elites line up behind Clinton, against readers

Trump-Clinton live stream debateThe aftermath of Sunday night’s second debate between a more-disciplined and prepared Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton draws a rather stark contrast between Clinton’s media cheerleaders and the public they desperately want as readers.

The Los Angeles Times’ debate analysts have declared Clinton the winner, while the newspaper’s daily online poll places Trump ahead by three points.

Today’s Drudge Report poll has Trump trouncing Clinton more than 2-to-1. And the Conservative Firing Line’s own poll shows Trump burying Clinton by a landslide.

Not surprisingly, the Seattle Times editorial board endorsed Clinton, and judging from reader comments, this was not a very popular decision.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it demonstrates something of a phenomenon that has surfaced across the country over the past several years that is now so far out in the open it would be ridiculous for the liberal media to deny its bias. The “mainstream press” has lost touch with a huge share of the public; people they need as readers in order to survive and expand as a business.

Where Trump took a bashing is in a Rasmussen daily White House report showing that Clinton has jumped ahead seven points since that audio with his disreputable remarks was leaked. But over the weekend, NBC reportedly suspended the Today host who was part of that tape, when he worked for another program, “access Hollywood.” NBC’s Billy Bush used a defense for which people are cutting Trump no slack: It happened 11 years ago. He has changed.

Significantly, Rasmussen’s survey of likely voters also continues to show Libertarian Gary Johnson stuck at 7 percent and Green candidate Jill Stein at 2 percent.

When Trump told Clinton that, if he is elected he will have his attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Democrat’s problems, it apparently was well accepted by Republicans and Independents.

Another interesting moment came when the two candidates were quizzed about the kinds of people they would appoint to the Supreme Court. Clinton focused on popular liberal talking points, but Trump went right to the heart of an issue that concerns gun rights activists: He will appoint justices who will protect the Second Amendment.

A third debate comes up in two weeks. It could be a barn burner.


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