Media coverup continues: Reports say Hillary ‘stumbled’ at 9/11 ceremony

Proving why we call it the "Democrat-media complex."

Media is now openly lying to protect Clinton with claims that she stumbled

On Sunday, the Internet blew up with reports that Democrat Hillary Clinton suffered a “medical episode” while attending a 9/11 ceremony.  Even the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza said her health is now a “real issue” in the campaign.  But the rest of the Democrat-media complex engaged in something of a cover-up, telling the public she “stumbled” at the ceremony.

Naturally, the Clinton News Network provided cover for their lord and mistress:

And the Associated Press:

And the BBC:

One person asked the BBC:


Another person added:

Are we witnessing yet another effort by the propagandists in the so-called “mainstream media” to pull the wool over our eyes?

It sure looks like it.

No wonder no one trusts them…


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