Media Bias? Did Las Vegas newspaper delay publishing Biden interview for year?

Why did the Las Vegas Sun sit on a Joe Biden interview for more than a year?

UPDATED – The Las Vegas Sun is taking some heat from the National Rifle Association for essentially sitting on a 2020 interview with then-candidate Joe Biden, who discussed several subjects including gun control.

But did the Sun actually do that? It may depend upon one’s perspective.

The newspaper said the Biden interview was conducted Jan. 11, 2020 but it was published on Jan. 31, 2021, more than a year later with this note: “As he begins his term, we felt the interview was worth publishing to give readers a better idea of where Biden will lead the country.” It is important how one reads and interprets this sentence.

The Sun reported the interview with some images of Biden on Jan. 12, 2020, and did actually publish a story on the editorial board meeting on Feb. 16, 2020. Conservative Firing Line dug back and found the details.

The NRA notes, in a column published at AmmoLand, “The interview took place on January 11, 2020, and was published last week—more than one year later—with the paper noting they ‘felt the interview was worth publishing to give readers a better idea of where Biden will lead the country.’ Perhaps it would have been more helpful to their readers to have published the information BEFORE the 2020 election, rather than after, so they actually knew the views of Biden when they cast their ballot for President.”

Second Amendment activists could ask why the delay of the full transcript, since Biden’s remarks could easily have become fodder for questions from other reporters about his gun control stance, despite the fact that his campaign published his “plan” to solve the “gun violence epidemic.”

Biden’s controversial gun control plan was available online for months, where anyone could read it.

The Sun asked a “two-part question on “gun safety,” revealing its adoption of a term created by the gun prohibition movement that substitutes such words as “safety” or “reform” for gun control.

One, as you sit within distance of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, do you think assault weapon bans are enough? And two, although public sentiment for gun-safety measures is growing and support for the NRA is weakening, there’s still strong opposition to gun measures in the Senate. What’s your plan for dealing with that opposition and successfully guiding your measures through the process?”

Biden started off with a familiar remark, about how he is “the only guy who’s ever beaten the NRA nationally twice.” As the NRA notes in a scathing reaction, Biden didn’t do that on his own. He had help from other Capitol Hill Democrats, and it cost some of them their jobs.

For its part, the Sun substitutes “the gun safety movement,” for something Biden said. Was it about “gun control?”

Biden declared, without offering supporting attribution, that “An overwhelming majority of NRA members thought we should do away with assault weapons.”

NRAs reaction: “Only NRA knows who are its members, so only NRA is capable of gauging what its members do and do not support. Biden’s claim, quite simply, is just his personal fantasy, based on nothing more than what he would like people to believe.”

Another Biden assertion that would have been important for voters to know: “There’s no rationale whatsoever to have more than 10 rounds in a magazine, and even that is too much in my view.”

This was his explanation for arriving at the ten-round limit: “I’m a skeet shooter, and I used to go up and down the (Delmarva) Peninsula in Delaware and talk to the guys hunting and fishing. They’d say, ‘God darn, Joe, why are you taking my weapon away? You’re taking my shotgun.”

“And I’d show ’em a picture of an assault rifle and I’d say, ‘You need this to hunt with? And you need a magazine with a hundred rounds or 30 rounds? You must be a lousy damn shot.’ The point is, it’s a totally salable idea.”

Biden clearly misunderstands the purpose of the Second Amendment with an anecdote like that. The right to keep and bear arms was not enshrined in the Bill of Rights so citizens could hunt waterfowl or big game.

And his strategy for passing gun control laws, as NRA points out, is to hide the measures in larger pieces of legislation.

“So I am absolutely convinced I can get (gun-safety legislation) passed,” the said. “The way we did it last time is we included it in a larger bill that had really good things in it like the Violence Against Women Act, community policing, etc.

“So the way you give cover to some of our Republican friends who are scared of the NRA — and this outfit owns the White House right now — is you put it in a larger bill,” Biden confided. “So they (Republicans) say, ‘Look, I had to vote for it.’”

Why did the Las Vegas Sun not publish the full transcript for more than a year?

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