Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer destroys Chelsea Manning’s Senate bid with one tweet

As we reported Sunday, Chelsea Manning, the former Army Private convicted of the biggest leak of classified documents in U.S. history, filed papers to challenge Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., for his Senate seat.  This prompted Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer to respond on Twitter.

“Didn’t already have a chance to serve this country honorably and fail?” he asked on Twitter.


The response was generally unanimous.

“Spot on Dakota! She should have never even made it out of MI AIT, let alone Basic. By all accounts she was a complete non-team-player,” one person said.

Others weighed in:

There were a few who seemed to side with Manning:

One person noted:

Another person added:

Of course…

“Game. Set. Match. Give it up, Chelsea … it’s over,” Twitchy said.

Manning, however, seems to be serious and released a video advertisement:

Oddly enough, YouTube labeled the video: “Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)

One person at YouTube asked: “Oh god …who let you out ?”

That’s easy:  Former President Barack Obama…

That pretty much says it all.

Media analyst Mark Dice added: “You should be in prison (and a mental hospital inside that prison)”

One apparent supporter lashed out at Manning’s critics, calling them “transphobic trash”:

You are all transphobic trash. Chelsea Manning is the best leader that Maryland could wish for. Just like the black folk in Baltimore, or the poor white folk oppressed there in the backwoods, without food or education, but a crappy, uncaring, capitalist, crony government, has Chelsea Manning also been oppressed; therefore, let us support her on her journey. She is a hero, nothing less, nothing more. Withour her leaks, we would have gone on thinking that soldiers are protecting us, when in fact their killing work is being disproportionately subsidized, because our so called leaders are a bunch of racist, old white men that love killing dark asians and muslims. PERIOD. Racism is real, not some antiquated, naive thing.

Sorry — if given a choice between a cop-hater convicted of leaking classified data and a Marine recipient of the Medal of Honor, I’ll stand with the latter.

Semper Fi, Dakota Meyer.


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