McConnell and Ryan About To Stab Trump and the Voters in the Back

It has come to the attention of The Daily Caller why President Trump is trashing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., just after they supposedly called a truce.

If this were Shakespeare, McConnell and Ryan would be Cassius and Brutus and the American voters would be Caesar.  Details of the new budget plan has leaked and President Trump is not very pleased.

When the temporary budget was passed earlier in the year, Brutus and Cassius told us that there wasn’t enough time to keep their promises on spending and they would take care of it in September when the 2018 budget was passed.  September is just around the corner and the two traitors have decided to assassinate Caesar instead.

And to rub salt in the wounds, Ryan has decided to team up with the Democrats to get it passed in the House.  There are two bills: The budget (TB) and a temporary spending bill (TSB).

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

What’s in the bills?

The budget:

  • Raise the debt ceiling.
  • Fully fund Obamacare subsidies through 2018.

The temporary spending bill:

  • Fully fund Planned Parenthood.
  • No money for the border wall.  

Meanwhile, even though Cassius and Brutus have fully capitulated to the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi said they want even more and bigger concessions.  That’s bad news because both Cassius and Brutus have shown in the past that to get a pail of milk, they are willing to give the Democrats the entire cow.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has put the onus of raising the debt ceiling entirely on Republicans, and has hinted on multiple occasions that Democrats will not eagerly support their Republican colleagues in raising the debt ceiling without key concessions.

Pelosi said:

“With the White House, House and Senate under one party control, the American people expect and deserve a plan from Republicans to avert a catastrophic default and ensure the full faith and credit of the United States.  With so much at risk for hard-working families, Republicans need to stop the chaos and sort themselves out in a hurry.”

Democrat’s unanimous opposition to the Republican’s first major legislative effort — repealing and replacing Obamacare — also does not bode well for bipartisanship on raising the debt ceiling.

The president has made no effort to hide his frustration with Ryan and McConnell in recent weeks. He has publicly admonished them for failing to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, and for not heeding his advice on other legislative matters.

For several election cycles now, the Republicans have won in sweeps because they have promised to do away with Obamacare, cut the budget and taxes.  But after each election, they quickly reneged on those promises.

Some, like Mia Love, got elected because she promised not to vote to reelect John Boehner as Speaker of the House, but as soon as the election was over, she was riding on top of the Boehner band wagon.  The only thing that could save them is that the Democrats have been more inept than the Republicans are.

If Cassius and Brutus get their way 2018 could be a bloodbath for Republicans.  I know I will refuse to vote in 2018.  How about you?


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