McCain ‘impressed’ with Obama’s divisive ‘coulda been me’ speech on racism

mcsnarlOnce again, John “McRINO” McCain rises to the occasion to show that he is more a Democrat than Republican.

According to Think Progress, McRINO now wants states to review “Stand your Ground” laws like the one in Florida that had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case, and he praised Obama’s divisive “it coulda been me” speech on racism.

According to Think Progress:

The senator also praised the remarks Obama delivered about the Zimmerman case on Friday, calling them “very impressive” and pledging to meet with more African American and Hispanic groups in Arizona. “I need Americans to talk to their friends and neighbors, not just those on their block or in their circle of friends,” he said.

Here’s McRINO’s comments, courtesy of Think Progress.

Maybe someone should tell McRINO that you’re no conservative if you’re being praised by Think Progress.


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