Mayor Of Hague Threatens Protesting Dutch Farmers With VIOLENCE To Stop Their Blockades And Tractor Caravans

(Natural News) Jan van Zanen, mayor of The Hague in The Netherlands, is threatening violence against protesters who refuse to stop speaking out against the destruction of Dutch agriculture.

Unless farmers remove all their tractors and blockades, van Zanen says he plans to authorize the use of military equipment to remove it all by force on March 11. This is the date both climate activists and farmers are scheduled to demonstrate in the Zuid-Holland city.

“I am not going to rule out the possibility that Defense equipment will be deployed,” van Zanen threatened. “That is available if necessary.”

Van Zanen further asked police forces from elsewhere in the country to provide additional assistance if necessary to quell the protests that oppose the Dutch government’s assault on nitrogen and other natural farming inputs.

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“We cannot handle this alone,” van Zanen complained to De Telegraaf. “Also to ensure that the demonstrations are safe.”

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Will the globalists succeed in destroying traditional agriculture and forcing people to eat bugs?

It is expected that upwards of 100,000 people will show up to demonstrate in Zuiderpark in The Hague on March 11. This is what the farmers organization Farmers Defense Force (FDF) hopes will happen, anyway.

With van Zanen’s new threat, some people could be deterred from showing up, but hopefully they recognize that there is power in numbers, regardless of what the government has planned in response.

In case you did not know, The Netherlands is an agriculture-centric country with a strong history of high-yield output. What the globalists who control the European Union want to do is destroy all that in order to stop “global warming,” they claim.

“Mayor van Zanen appears to be following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical Great Reset approach to stomping out protests,” said Climate Depot‘s Marc Morano.

“Our high-yield agricultural system is being intentionally collapsed to create man-made food shortages and chaos, and the ability to eat meat is being banned to compel us to eat ‘lab-grown’ fake meat and eat insects. Artificially caused food shortages will create demand for insect eating. And our betters are using our children as hand-picked little ministers of propaganda to promote insect eating and ‘pester’ adults to comply with the agenda.”

The day of the event, climate activists are expected to block the A12 motorway near The Hague to make their voices heard. As this is happening, the construction of tents will also be underway for the City-Pier-City half-marathon race, which is scheduled for the following day starting at the Malieveld.

At the current time, van Zanen says he is not planning to actually ban any of the planned demonstrations for the weekend. He did call this a “great right,” which suggests he is at least slightly more open to freedom than Trudeau in Canada.

Van Zanen considers himself to be “radically neutral” despite these latest threats. Even so, “blocking a road indefinitely with people or equipment is not an acceptable way of demonstrating, but a blockade,” he said.

“I think that’s a disruption of public order.”

The plan is to phase out agriculture in The Netherlands under the guise of fighting “climate change,” only to replace it with large-scale producers of insects and whatever else the globalists feel is appropriate “food” for the masses.

“If you want to eat lab-grown bugs, that should be your choice,” Morano says. “But, the climate agenda / Great Reset goal is to collapse modern high-yield agriculture and meat production to meet net-zero climate goals.”

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