Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump over Iran deal

On Wednesday, Maxine Waters, the California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving Russia, called for impeaching the president for withdrawing from Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

“Trump, further isolating the United States, thinks he knows better than our negotiators and all of our global allies who agreed to the Iran deal. How long do we have to suffer his gigantic ego and narcissistic behavior? Impeachment is the only answer,” she tweeted.

Of course, Waters’ fellow Trump-haters agreed, but quite a few took her to task.

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One person noted that modern liberals have become so irrational in their hatred of Trump that they are incapable of logic and would rather destroy the U.S. to satisfy their hate.

Another person asked if Waters knows the difference between an agreement and a treaty:

Of course, the fact that this was an agreement and not a treaty is the reason Trump was able to withdraw from it to begin with.  That’s because Obama was unable to get the necessary support in Congress.

Doug Powers noted:

Special, indeed…

Even Kyle Kashuv, the pro-Second Amendment Parkland shooting survivor once called the “next Hitler” by a history teacher, weighed in, wondering if Waters’ Twitter account was taken over by a parody account:

But that’s all Waters does these days.

Waters, by the way, still refuses to condemn death threats made against President Trump.

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