Maxine Waters bans Trump supporters from town hall event, issues yellow wrist bands to non-constituents

Earlier today we reported that Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., was booed and confronted by angry pro-Trump protesters after a town hall event in Gardena on Saturday.  It seems there was a very good reason for it, besides Waters’ obsession with impeaching the president.

According to the American Mirror, Waters decided she wanted a friendly forum, so she only allowed her supporters to attend.  The rest were out of luck.  Moreover, non-constituents who showed up were required to wear yellow wrist bands.

According to the American Mirror:

The Trump supporters received tickets for the event, but were treated as “second class citizens” because they supposedly did not live in her district.

Video from outside the venue shows about 50 Trump supporters waving American flags and Trump banners and chanting, “Let us in!” as they noted that Waters doesn’t live in her own district, either.

Police blocked the doors and prevented them from entering.

The non-constituents were identified with yellow wrist bands.

“The yellow wrist band means that you are branded that you cannot go in the building,” one woman said.

“You are forced to sit outside, even though we registered,” the woman added.

“Branded,” in much the same way that Jews were “branded” with yellow stars in Nazi Germany.  Now don’t get us wrong — we’re not comparing Waters to Hitler or the Nazis, but it does seem rather odd that she would choose a yellow wrist band to identify certain people.  You can come to your own conclusion about that.

Here’s video, courtesy of the American Mirror:

Meanwhile, Waters was busy leading a minutes-long chant of “Impeach 45,” the Los Angeles Times reported:

According to the LA Times:

Inside, chants of “USA! USA!” could be heard from around 80 protesters who paced back and forth outside the venue.

Waters’ opponents were dressed in pro-Trump garb and called her “Dirty Waters.”

Chanell Temple said she lost her job a few years ago and hasn’t been able to find a new one because she doesn’t speak Spanish. She said Waters has destroyed the black community by supporting immigrants.

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Videos of the town hall’s aftermath can be seen here


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