Mass Shootings Ended By Good Guys and Gals With Guns

0623A8-e1435044397647There have been several mass shootings that were stopped by a good guy with a gun.  We already know what happens when a shooter enters a gun-free zone and opens fire.  He can keep shooting until the police arrives and by that time the casualty list is already long.  Just look at Sandy Hook, the Aurora, Colorado, movie house and the recent shooting at the Oregon College.  Police eventually got to the scene and stopped the shooter, but what if one of the intended victims had a gun.  Lives could have been saved.

Let’s look at some instances where someone did have a gun.

Oct 7th, 1997…Pearl, Mississippi

Luke Woodham killed two students and wounded seven others.  Assistant Principal Joel Myrick ran out to his truck and returned with his gun before the police arrived and stopped the shooter before he could kill again.  That was good, but it could have been better if he had the gun on him, where he could have saved even more lives and injuries.

April 24th, 1998…Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Fourteen year old Andrew Jerome Wurst showed up at a high school dance held at a private dance hall.  Wurst killed one and injured three before the owner of the dance hall approached him with a shotgun.  He made Wurst drop his gun and held him for eleven minutes before the police arrived.

Jan 16th, 2002…Grundy, Virginia

A former student entered the campus of Appalachian School of Law.  He killed three and wounded three before two law students, including one who was an active deputy sheriff ended the rampage.  Tragically, the shooter could have been stopped much sooner but the school had a gun free policy and the students had to go retrieve their guns, costing valuable time.

Dec 9th, 2007…Colorado Springs, Colorado

A gunman armed with a Bushmaster AR-15 opened fire in the New Hope Church.  He killed two and wounded three others before he was confronted by Jeanne Assam.  The two traded shots with Assam wounding the shooter .  She then saw him trying to pull the pin from a hand grenade and she fired two more shots, killing him and saving an untold number of lives.

May 27th, 2010…New York Mills, New York

A man entered a cell phone store with a list of employees he planned to kill.  He was only able to wound one person before a store employee,  Donald J. Moore shot the man dead with his personal firearm.

Aug 30th, 2010…Blountville, Tennessee

A man forced his way into Sullivan Central High School where he was met by school resource officer  Carolyn Gudger.  She put herself between the shooter and a student.  She was able to move him to a more remote part of the school as they shot it out.  Police arrived and the man was shot and killed before he was able to kill or wound a single student with the two hand guns he was carrying.

March 25th, 2012…Spartanburg, South Carolina

A man armed with a shotgun entered Freewill Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The pastor’s grandson was a concealed carry permit holder and he stopped the man from shooting as two other parishioners tackled him.  No one was killed or injured in the attempted attack.

All of these shootings and attempted shootings could have been much worse and they would have been if Obama or the Democrats had their way at the time.


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