Mask Burning Across Idaho

People becoming sick of government dictates was never more obvious than when citizens took to the streets yesterday. It was a mass mask burning across Idaho under the hashtag #freeidaho. The civil disobedience against the Idaho Governor’s emergency order took place all over the state on Saturday. The state did not enforce a total mask mandate, but the counties did under the state’s emergency order. When other states began to lift their emergency orders, Idaho protesters wanted the same to happen here.

The state’s 7th District has removed their mask mandate, but the mandate by several other counties and cities remains in place. With the vaccination rate rising, protesters want their freedom back.

mask burning
Facebook via Ronald M. Nate, Idaho State legislator, District-34B – “Rexburg, March 6: Burning the masks, mask mandates and emergency declarations. A free people should be able to choose for themselves: mandates and shut-downs are the opposite of freedom!!”


H 281 was introduced in the legislature on March 3, 2021. It is sponsored by the State Affairs Committee and is specifically designed to prohibit any mask mandates by any entity, whether the government or a subsidary (health department). It was printed and returned to the committee, where it sits at this writing.

Mass mask burning across Idaho – FreeIdaho.org


Adults and children threw their masks in a burn barrel to make a statement from Boise in the south to Bonners Ferry in the north. The #freeidaho event was started by a handful of legislators in the state, and promoted for 10 a.m. on Saturday, other times in the north end of the state (Idaho is split between Pacific and Mountain time zones).

mask burning
photo via #freeidaho

News services picked up the story across the nation from Fox to the LA Times in California. Naturally, they described the event as a “right wing” protest.

Leftists screamed all over Twitter that the protest participants were morons. They screeched about the children getting sick from the smoke in burn barrels (let’s see, we in Idaho have spent countless hours and years in the woods breathing the smoke from campfires and gee we’re fine). Some even stated that the children should be removed from the homes and parents arrested. But there were crickets from these same jackwagons when leftists went on burning rampages across our cities, destroying livelihoods and people for their “protest.” Spare me the b.s.

The mask burning protest was meant to send a message to Governor Brad Little to lift the emergency order. Though Idaho never enforced a formal mask mandate itself, counties did. The state has also paid for fear-mongering advertisements under the “OneIdaho” program. Our county here has a mask mandate issued by Panhandle Health – and people are not just sick of it, many people pay no attention to it.

As I mentioned before, when 50 people went to a church service here and got Covid, 40 of them had been wearing masks. (There were no deaths, and people who got it described it as a “flu”). What does that tell you?

Dorothy Moon, a state legislator, suggested that the reason the emergency order has not been lifted is because of money that comes with strings to the Federal government. A Federal government run by Basement Biden. Idaho voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. She feels that the legislature should not be leaving the emergency order in place just for the Democrats in Washington DC and the money that it brings.

Freedom is not present in government mandates, whether it’s an emergency order for a shutdown or a demand to wear a mask. Let people choose for themselves.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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