Maryland Senate candidate Chelsea Manning tweets disturbing messages hinting at suicide

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On Sunday, Maryland Democrat Senate candidate Chelsea Manning issued a pair of disturbing tweets in which she seemed to be contemplating suicide, the New York Daily News reported.

The tweets have since been deleted, but one showed her poised to jump from the ledge of an unidentified high-rise building, the report said.

“I’m sorry – I tried – I’m sorry I let you all down,” Manning wrote. “Im (sic) not really cut out for this world – I tried adapting to this world out here but I failed you – I couldn’t do this anymore – I can take people I don’t know hating me but not my own friends,” she added. “I tried and I’m sorry about my failure,” Manning said.

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According to the Daily News:

The posts were flooded with well-wishes from Manning’s followers and the number to the suicide hotline.

After a half hour, the tweets vanished and were replaced with a brief message announcing that Manning was out of harm’s way.

“Chelsea is safe. She is on the phone with friends. Thanks everyone for your concern and please give her some space,” the message read.

Manning’s campaign spokeswoman, Kelly Wright, did not respond to a request for comment.

Prior to sending the tweets, Manning seemed to be quite unhappy about the state of her campaign.

“ive (sic) been knocking on doors and making phone calls all over Maryland lately – most people aren’t interested in voting, or elections, or civil discourse anymore – theyve (sic) heard it all before – they dont (sic) think it will make a difference – and they are right,” Manning said in a tweet dated May 23.

“we cant (sic) expect any change thru the upcoming elections – the primaries are rigged – this so-called “blue wave” is gonna be more like a blue ripple, or a blue drip – establishment dems always happily vote for a warmer friendlier police state – change wont (sic) come thru any ballot,” Manning added in another tweet.

Manning then called for something “radically different” in a third tweet.

Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison after stealing over 250,000 State Department documents on a CD labeled “Lady Gaga,” announced a bid to run against Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. in January.

After announcing the run, Manning called for eradicating borders, ICE and all prisons and received an endorsement from Islamist Linda Sarsour.

“The former Army intelligence analyst tried taking her own life at least twice while imprisoned at the Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, according to The New York Times,” the Daily News report said.

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