Mark Levin Calls For Removing The Lying Demented Fraud Occupying The White House (Video)

Over the weekend, Mark Levin called for Joe Biden, the lying demented fraud occupying the White House, to be removed from office in an epic rant that neatly summarizes Biden’s failures.

“Joe Biden stands for Totalitarianism,” Levin said, countering Biden’s claim to stand for freedom.

“There’s not a damn thing he’s done as President to promote freedom. In fact, I can’t think of anything that man did as Vice President or in the Senate for 412 years to promote freedom. As a matter of fact, Joe Biden is the last of the segregationists, the old segregationists. He likes to pretend he was part of the civil rights movement. He was part of the anti-civil rights movement,” Levin accurately stated.

“Soon as he stepped foot in the US Senate, he befriended the most racist segregationists in the US Senate, and they took him under his wing,” Levin added before launching into a summary of Biden’s half-century career of lying about everything.  “Joe Biden was a full-throated segregationist and racist, and so he’s always remaking himself into something that he’s not of course.”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Levin went on to state that the 25th Amendment needs to be used to remove Biden from office.

“We have a 25th amendment there. We shouldn’t have to wait to figure out how to trigger the 25th Amendment to figure out if Joe Biden’s capable of being President of the United States,” he said.  “That man has his finger right next to the nuclear button. We have a right to know as the American people. I thought he believed in freedom. Now let’s look at his freedom agenda and policies. Disinformation board, Twitter, FBI, DHS, censorship, replacing equality with equity. Very Marxist of him. Serial noncompliance with the Constitution. He rules by executive orders.”

In fact, Biden has expressed nothing but hatred and disdain for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, going so far as to repeatedly state that none of the amendments to the Constitution are “absolute.”

Last year, Biden even said democracy itself isn’t good.  Yet he wants us to believe he and his cohorts in the subversive Democrat Party are all about “democracy.”  And anyone who disagrees with him are against democracy.

“Democracy is not perfect. It’s never been good – perfect,” he said.

He later said the Constitution is not “absolute.”  The same Constitution he took an oath to protect.

“The Constitution, the Second Amendment was never absolute,” he stated.

But there’s more.  The Gateway Pundit posted a bullet list of Biden failures:

  • Immigration Crisis
  • Ballooning Debt
  • Inflation
  • Woke Administrative State
  • Holding Kids Hostage to Trans Radicalism
  • Supporting Child Castration and Sterilization
  • Tapping into Emergency Petroleum Reserves
  • Botching the Afghanistan Withdrawal
  • Letting Babies Go Hungry
  • Forcing the Covid Jab
  • Scheming to Enact Abortion Radicalism
  • Specter of Scandal

And there’s more.  Much more.  Biden, for example, has gone so far as to foment violence and bloodshed against anyone who disagrees with him.  Thanks to his irresponsible rhetoric, an 18-year-old Republican was run down and murdered by an unhinged lunatic leftist.

And let’s not forget the allegations of bribery leveled against Biden.  This looks to be an impeachable offense.  So why are Republicans not taking direct action?  If this were Trump, Democrats would have already filed articles of impeachment.

Levin is right.  Joe Biden is without question the absolute worst individual to ever be made president.  He and his entire Marxist and totalitarian Regime needs to be removed from office by any legal means necessary.

The sooner, the better.

Here’s video:

H/T Gateway Pundit


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